Something to Talk About

I had such great plans for this day. There was a whole list of things for me to do. If you know me pretty well you know that I'm not much of a list-maker, so that in itself is kind of a big deal. So many things to get done...

That was just the beginning of the list. I added things as the day wore on. Christmas gifts to buy, bills to pay - that sort of thing. Not really fun. You know, you'd think that this whole unemployed/housewife thing would be easy. Instead, I realize that I've got a bazillion things I should be doing every day. Most days I fail at doing these things. Honestly, it's hard for me to get motivated about house work when I have no husband walking in the door. I have enough issues doing that while he's here! =P

I started some laundry and then I got to work on my Christmas decorations for the kitchen: potholders and tea towels. I knocked out the 2nd potholder pretty easily. I've done 4 of them now, so I'm pretty sure I've got those down. The towel... Oh my gosh. I wanted to shoot myself! It took forever, and it definitely shouldn't have. However, I am a dork. I measured the towel to see how much fabric I'd need. I wrote down the measurements. And then I didn't follow them. I had it in my head that I knew them already. I did not. I cut the pieces of fabric about an inch shorter than they should have been. This complicates things. So, I tossed my original idea and came up with a patchwork style embellishment. This was the result. {And I'm still not completely happy with it.}

Folded - which is how it will hang once I have it out all the time.

Not folded...just so you can see what it looks like. :-/

Like I said, I'm not completely pleased. But I'm sure very few people will see all the flaws that I see. And, let's face it, how many people are actually going to be seeing my house around Christmas? Not so many. I'm still hoping that the next one turns out better. We'll see. And I'll be sure to keep you posted.

I also need to pull out my Christmas decorations from the storage closet. :-/ Yikes. I told Joe I might get lost in there. He suggested bread crumbs, a la Hansel & Gretel. I suggested that Jasper might eat the bread crumbs and I'd be forever lost in the depths of the storage closet. =P

There was one really awesome highlight of my day. =) I bet you'll never guess what is was!

A phone call from my hubby!! For those of you who don't have a hubby in the military, it's completely normal for a random number to pop up on the caller ID. I saw the number and knew it was him instantly. And my heart jumped. We talk on Skype, but it is SO hard to have a decent conversation between the wacky noises, delays and disconnects. Tonight I got 53 uninterrupted minutes of conversation with my sweet hubby. =) 

We're still mapping out our game plan for R&R. I have lots of things to do before he comes back!! I need to go shopping (*wink, wink*), get my hair cut, get a pedicure (and possibly a manicure), and maybe some waxing. Lots of other things too, but I'm afraid that would give away the dates for his arrival and we can't have that! OPSEC, OPSEC, OPSEC. OPSEC, OPSEC, OPSEC, OPSEC. ;)

Seriously though, it is so nice to be able to say "oh, we need to do this while you're here." Or, "what would you like me to make for you?" Those sorts of things just make me happy. Looking at the calendar is making me happy too. Of course, I know the second he's on a plane again I will hate the calendar once more. But knowing that there will be so much more GREEN on the Donut of Misery does give me some hope. It's all down hill after R&R, right?!

I'll leave you with this little gem. This weekend we got some rumbly thunder and some rain. =) It was heaven for me. I did love the fact that the weatherman was warning us of "loud booms" of thunder and it was just rumbly. That's a quiet evening in Oklahoma. =P Anyway, Jasper totally growled at the thunder further proving that it wasn't "real" thunder. He also did this for quite a while:

Do you think he was trying to figure out what was going on outside? ;-)


  1. haha that's so cute!! & I am so glad that you got to talk to your hubby :)

  2. Yay for R&R! I'm excited for y'all! Time did go faster for me after R&R. It was a good boost. However the end draaaaaaaaaaaaaags.

  3. Yay for 53 minutes of uninterrupted call time with your hubby!!! :)

  4. Yay! Hope you and Joe have a great time together during R&R-- I know you both need it.

  5. awesome that you got to talk to your hubby for almost a hour!!! I hope you guys have a great R&R when it comes...Im sure you have just been waiting!

  6. i always look forward to reading your posts! i'm happy you got such a nice long phone call. enjoy all the fun prepping for him to get home! you know when you're thinking about manicures and waxing it's close!!

  7. I make lists too!!! I hope you guys have a great time on R&R!!

  8. YAY for phone time!! That's the best :)