A Little Nugget

It's funny how you learn, over time, to trust to your intuition. It's even funnier how accurate it becomes. 

One day a few weeks ago, I spent the day on the couch with a massive migraine. Nausea came in waves along with the pain in my head. Thankfully, it barely lasted 18 hours and I was back to normal again. Over the next few days I noticed other things: dips in my blood sugar, trouble with my asthma. It was weird. My metabolism can be wonky while I'm nursing, so I dismissed that. But the asthma flare up? That was one thing I couldn't explain. I wasn't having trouble with allergies. We did just move into a new house, but it had been almost a month. And then it hit me.

I have trouble with my asthma when I'm pregnant. Every. Time. Without fail.

I tried to make the thoughts go away... We'd been trying not to get pregnant; we'd been careful. I was still a few days away from my period. So maybe it was just that? But I couldn't put the thought out of my head. Lying in bed one night, I just knew. 

2 of the most clear pregnancy tests I've ever had later....

Hello, Baby!!!

It's crazy. And it's going to continue to be crazy....for a while! I'm not quite as worried about having babies close together this time, though I know it will not be easy. It's definitely not what we planned, but I'm in no way upset about it either. 

I've felt pretty awful this time around, which is making things more difficult. I'm no stranger to pregnancy nausea, but this takes the cake! Not eating makes me sick, eating makes me sick, I get random heartburn, sometimes have to run to the bathroom... It was not like this with the girls! After sticking it out for 3 weeks (because my nausea always kicks in right at 6 weeks), I called the OB's office and begged for drugs. I tried everything I'd done before with the girls, and it barely even touched it. Even with meds, there are days I can barely stand to look at food. 

On the bright side? I haven't gained anything! ;-) 

I don't know if it's because this is my 4th pregnancy, or I just know what it feels like (maybe both?) but I have already been feeling this little nugget! At first I thought I was crazy. Then it kept happening. When I had an ultrasound, the midwife said "what an acrobat!" and then I knew that I had absolutely been feeling this little one for over a week. The girls were crazy, crazy kickers in the womb so having another one is no surprise! And for now I'm enjoying the itty bitty kicks. I know that I'll blink and have feet in my ribs!

So, there's my little nugget. He or she (probably 'she' given our track record, LOL!) will be here on/around October 18th! Please wish me many nights of amazing sleep until then. Lord knows I'm gonna need it....and may never sleep well again! ;-)