Paradise Bound!!! ☀

Yep, folks, you read that right! We are going to paradise! Joe got the orders this week, and as of April, we will be living in Hawaii!!! =D

Obviously, I've calmed down a little bit since my last post. I'm still worried about deployment, but anyone can be deployed from anywhere at anytime. So, I've just got to accept that and not let it effect my life so much. I'm such a worry wart. =P If God w
ants Joe to go to Iraq, or wherever, it's gonna happen whether I want it to or not. He puts us where He wants us when the time is right and I've just got to learn to trust that.

Besides, how many people can say that they're going to be living in Hawaii!? I'm going to be living in sheer paradise for 3 whole years! Beaches, mountains, sunshine, warm temperatures year-round...*sigh* It's going to be amazing! Not to mention the fact that I'll get to see Pearl Harbor, which I've always wanted to see! And I'll get to experience a different culture, without going to a different country. =D It's going to be wonderful!

Until April, though, things are going to be very hectic. On Thursday (I think), Joe got the news that the Army is going to pay for me to move to GA (where he's at now). So, we've got to get all the paperwork together for that. Then, we have to make appointments with transportation, get the movers here...oh, and find an apartment for me in GA, get a bank account there, and what else? Oh, right, move! =) I don't really have a desire to live in GA, but I'll be able to see my love every day if I want and I can spend weekends with him. Hopefully, once he gets to Phase 5+, he'll get to stay with me on weekends! Life will be almost normal. *sigh*

Then of course, Christmas will be sheer chaos. Going from GA (maybe) to AR to NC and then back to GA. Maybe not quite in that order either. The original plan was to pick to Joe up in GA, then come back to NC for a few days, and then head to AR for Christmas. Then, we would come back to NC until Joe had to be back in GA. Whew! That's a ton of traveling! Luckily, it's a relatively quick drive from NC to GA. Not so much to AR though. So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see when I get to GA. In some ways, I wa
nt to be there before Christmas, and in other ways I don't. I suppose it doesn't really matter though. As long as I get the 2 weeks with my wonderful hubby, it doesn't really matter where I am. =)

So, I'm going to Hawaii!!!! =D I knew there was some reason I fell in love with the beach on our honeymoon and decorated our living room in beach decor! It was meant to be! Lol! ♥


The Beginning of My Army Wife Life...

And I am worried. *sigh* Is this how it's going to be?

Joe got his duty station orders today. So, now we know where we will be living when he's done with AIT. I'm not going to reveal that just yet because not all of Joe's family has been told. That said, the place he got stationed in makes it more likely that he will be deployed. He could even be deployed as soon as we get there!!!!!! I've already started to stress out about the mere possibility of deployment, and now I get this news?! Really?! I mean, by the time we get to his duty station, we will have lived apart for about 8 months. Is that not enough? I mean, really?! Is it not enough of a sacrifice to have lived apart for 8
months - 2 of those in which I barely even spoke to him? I know that deployment is just part of it now, and I've accepted that. I'm just having a really hard time dealing with this news.

I am excited about where we're going. I've never been there before and I've always wanted to. Plus, there's a ton of history there...which I'm very excited about. I can't wait to see all of that! It's going to be different, and new, and exciting and I am happy about that. It's just hard to separate the excitement from the worried part. I can't help it. I worry about everything! I was worried about the deployment before I even knew it was actually possible. I think I make myself more worried by watching the news, reading blogs about wives whose husbands have PTSD or have been injured, and by continuing to think about the "what i
f". I'm really bad about the "what if"s. Is it possible that that runs in the family? 'Cause I'm pretty sure my mom has that too. Haha! Sorry, Mom! ;-)

I know that I should just stop thinking about it and let God have it, but it's so hard! I know that God is going to continue to provide for me and take care of me, even when/if Joe is deployed. I also know that He will take care of my husband. But, for some reason, that doesn't stop my brain from screaming "what about _____?!".

So, my Army Wife life has officially began. Now, what
on earth am I going to do???


Oh Weekend, Where Have You Gone?! ☀

I just spent a wonderful weekend with my hubby!! =) It was so nice just to be able to relax, talk, watch movies and hang out. You know, things normal couples do on the weekends! He did have to sleep on base, which I did not like at all. But, I suppose it was just another sacrifice to make so that I could spend 2 days with him. Such is life! I also had to sacrifice all the comforts of home, 2 tanks of gas, and a few hundred dollars. *cringe* Ah, Army life. ;-)

Why is it that letting him go is harder now that I get to see him o
ccasionally and talk to him every day? Does this make sense to anyone? It certainly doesn't make sense to me. I just hate coming home without him. I'm praying that he'll be able to get a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving. He said his 1st SGT (I think; don't quote me!) is working on getting them a 4 day weekend. =D I really hope it happens! That would be sooooo amazing! I was wondering what in the heck I was going to do...I don't want him to be alone on Thanksgiving - even though it's not that big of a holiday - but I don't want to miss Thanksgiving here either, especially if he only gets one day off. So, let's just hope that he does get the 4 day! Then, after that it's only a few weeks til Christmas leave!!! =D 2 wonderful weeks of 24/7 Joe & Sarah!!! Of course, 75% of those 2 weeks will be spent with family, but...small price to pay to be with the hubby.

So, I've decided that Joe and I are not like most couples. Why, you ask? Well, I was talking to Joe this afternoon about the wedding shower thing and the work thing - what had been said to me about our relationship - and he said he knows we're not like most couples. I thought this was interesting. Most people aren't "happy to be married". Does that make sense? Many couples have a good relationship, but aren't happy to be married. I think Joe and I live to be married. Our lives revolve around our marriage, even though we're 250 miles apart. He isn't a Soldier, then ___, and ___, and then married. He's married, a Soldier, and then whatever else. The same with me. It's who we are; it defines us. We're happy together, h
appy to be married and spending the rest of our lives with our best friend.

I can't imagine life if I wasn't married to my best friend. It would be so much harder. I know that I can trust Joe with anything. When I say anything, I mean anything. There's not a single thing that I don't tell him or trust him with. I know that I can be a complete dork around him, and yeah, he may tease me a little but it's ok because I know that he loves me no matter what. And he's just a big dork too!!! Haha! =) I can't imagine not being married to someone I trust so much. I think that if I'd married someone other than Joe who h
ad lost their job, and then gone off to BCT, it would have been much more difficult. I trust Joe, and no matter what doubts may creep into my head, I know he's doing all this to make sure that I'm taken care of. That - and God - has gotten me through those long 10 weeks of BCT and the last few weeks we've spent apart.

So, I'm ok with the fact that our relationship is different from most. I love being married to Joe. We're happy together, and so in love! And I love it! I realized today that we are that couple. You know, the one that grosses you out because they're kissing in public. We're the ones who hold hands across the table at the restaurant. We're the ones walking around the mall laughing, talking, and holding hands. Yep, that's us! And I am 100% alright with that! If you don't like it, just look away folks, 'cause it's not gonna stop! =)

♥ We are married. We are head over heels in love. We are best friends. Deal with it! ♥


Revelation ✞

So, after my blogging rant yesterday, I prayed and read the Bible....and then I had a revelation this morning at work. Sometimes God hits me with things when I least expect it.

My pastor talks a lot about relying on people too much, and that when we rely on people they usually let us down. *sigh* That is totally what I do. It's what I've always done. I always rely on the people closest to me, like Joe, for my happiness. I don't know why, I just do. When he was gone and I was unable to talk to him every day, I had to learn to rely on God because He was all I had. So, as the days went by, I found myself happy despite being totally alone here in this house. I spent my evenings writing Joe letters and reading my Bible and praying before bed. I found so much comfort in that. I still do, but I think it was easier to find that comfort when I had nothing else.

Now, I can talk to Joe every night. We can talk and text on the weekends, so I can rely on him to talk to. He makes me happy, and I like talking to him about my day and everything else going on in my life. So, when he couldn't call, I got mad at him. Because it was his fault for losing the phone and leaving me here without him to talk to. But, like my pastor says continuously, people will always let us down. Not because they're bad, but because they're simply human. Every single person on this planet makes mistakes. Not one of us here today has been, or ever will be, perfect. So why do we rely on people to make us happy, when they will never live up to our expectations? It doesn't make any sense, does it? Because, there is only one who will keep all of his promises, and never, not once let us down. And that is God. He has always been there for me, especially when I need him the most. He's never let me down. So, why do I keep thinking that a person is going to completely fulfill me?

I think God was just trying to remind me that people are just that: people, and imperfect ones at that. I know God has told me this before...sometimes I'm amazed that He still teaches me even though I'm seriously stubborn. I don't deserve anything He's ever given me, but I suppose that is the beauty of grace, right? =) And thank God for it, because I would not do well on my own.

*This is the chorus of "Revelation" by Third Day. Love their stuff!*

Give me a revelation,
Show me what to do
Cause I’ve been tryin’ to find my way,
I haven’t got a clue
Tell me should I stay here,
Or do I need to move
Give me a revelation
I’ve got nothing without You
I’ve got nothing without You


Red-Headed Temper

If you don't believe that's true, let me reassure you that it most certainly is!! I don't think I really believed it until a few years ago. I never noticed that when I got angry, I got angry. That is, until I got a dog. Not just a dog, a dog who has a bladder the size of a pea (no pun intended) that is also very nervous when people get angry. That helps a whole lot, now doesn't it?! So, the more I try to correct him, the worse it gets. Now, the dog hides from me every time I raise my voice. Joy. Now, this is not the point I'm trying to make. However, the dog drives me insane...and if I yell, which does happen quite frequently, then he goes and hides behind the couch. So, does this make things better? Most certainly not! What usually happens is he's behind the couch...so, I pull the couch out and yank him out from behind it...yelling, spanking, etc. And 10 seconds later, I feel like the worst human being on the planet!

Enter my husband. My sweet, crazy, forgetful husband. You remember me saying that I love him, right? He is my best friend, and I do love him. I hope you also remember me saying that we do have our little fights and bumps along the way, because you're are about to hear about one of those. =) Are you ready?!

Last night, during small group, I received a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. Now, since Joe is no longer in BCT, I didn't feel the urge to leave the room and take the call. This was not a good idea. It was my husband calling. Was he calling just to be sweet and tell me that his phone was dead? Oh no. He called to tell me he lost his phone! And that it was dead and he was hoping one of the guys on his floor had turned it in (the SGT on duty said there was a phone that someone found) and that he'd get it in the morning. Now, initially, I was upset. Sad that I missed his call and wouldn't get to talk to him before bed. Bummer. A day later, this red headed Army wife is pissed! I didn't happen to mention that this phone that got misplaced is an iPhone, did I? Oh, I didn't? Yes. It is. My wonderful, sweet, husband "misplaced" an IPHONE! Now, if this were one of those free phones you get with a contract - no biggie. We'll just buy another one, it won't be great, but I can live with losing a free phone. But, losing an otherwise $300 phone?! Not so much. Now, we didn't pay that much for it to begin with because we got a refurbished one, with a 2 yr contract. That was a freakin' steal! =) But to lose one?! *Insert scream here*

So, to continue my story...I was watching Glee tonight, while browsing facebook and seeing all of my lovely happily married friends whose spouses aren't living away from them. That got me thinking: why hasn't my husband called? Oh that's right! He lost his phone!!! I know he's forgetful and misplaces things, and most times it's not a big deal. But, the phone is our only way of communicating and he lost it! Just lost it! So, I'm angry at this point. Blood boiling, blood pressure rising, crying, angry. I talked myself out of throwing my glass against the wall, because I'd have to clean that up and that would just make me more angry. Then, I talked myself out of throwing various other things in the room. So, I got up, went to the bathroom and just stood at the sink, crying. The more I cried, the angrier I got. Finally, I stood next to the washer/dryer and stared at the very full, overflowing laundry basket on top. I stared and cried and stared until I couldn't take it anymore. 5 seconds later, the basket and its contents are on the floor. Then, I picked up the basket and threw it against the wall...repeatedly. Until I noticed that pieces of it were starting to break. Then, I fell to the floor. Anger still there, but leaving. More tears. Then realization.

Am I angry that he lost his phone? Yes. I'm more angry that I'm here in this house, in NC where I know so few people. I'm angry that he left me here to fend for myself while he's gone. I'm angry that, on top of it all, he neglects the one thing that he's now allowed to have to communicate with me. I spent 10 weeks lonely, writing letters upon letters because we weren't allowed phone calls. And now? Now that he has his phone? He loses it. It shouldn't make me feel like I don't matter to him that much, but it does. Don't ask me why. I'm a woman, I'm a red head, and I'm emotional. That, folks, is life.


✐ My Hobby ✄

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I love to scrapbook! One of my good friends started me on it in college, and it just stuck. I didn't do much scrapbooking in college, but now that I have plenty of time on my hands, I'm addicted! I've only done 2 this year, and I'm hoping to start another one soon. Hope you enjoy my handiwork! =)

{Obviously, this is a scrapbook of my wedding. I didn't post picture of the whole thing because there would be way too many. =)}

{This is one I made for my little niece who will arrive around Dec. 2! That picture (above) is of the front cover. No, I don't know who the girl is. Just a picture that came with it. Lol! I also didn't post pictures of the whole book. Too many!}


♥ Crazy Love ♥

This morning, I helped throw a shower for one of the girls in my small group. Yay for weddings! In my card, I told her that I hoped she and her soon-to-be husband found the happiness that Joe and I share in our marriage. As she was leaving (and after everyone else had left), she told me it was cute and funny that I wrote that in her card and that only I could say something like that. Ok, she didn't say those exact words, but close enough.

I was thinking earlier about how many people find it interesting that Joe and I are so in love...still. I always assumed that married couples loved each other like Joe and I do. Yes, we are still new to this whole marriage thing, but it doesn't always feel that way. Honestly, our first year of marriage hasn't been all that difficult unless you count the months that Joe was out of work. That was tough financially, but it wasn't that hard on our marriage. Apparently, not everyone else thinks the way I do. I know I wrote about marriage not too long ago, but it still shocks me when people are surprised about my own relationship. People tell me that Joe and I have a different relationship than most people. I don't think we do. I think a lot of people have a relationship like ours, or one that started that way.

I just don't understand why it's so shocking that I love my husband. I mean, that's why people get married, right? So, what's the big deal? He's my best friend. I may not have realized that until we'd been dating for a while, but it's as true now as it was then. Everyone told me that the first year of marriage is the hardest and that it's a huge adjustment. This was (and is) not quite true for us. The hardest adjustment was sleeping with s
omeone else in the bed. I never really liked sharing the bed, so that was an adjustment. Sure, it was a little weird not having parents in the same house, but at the same time it just felt right. I thought since I moved so far away from the home I'd known for the last 20 years, I'd be homesick like crazy. And I was, occasionally.

This last year has been the best year of my life. It's had its ups and downs, but through it all, I had my best friend to cheer me up when I was dow
n and laugh and be crazy with during the good times. Why is that so weird? Someone asked me this week if, when I went to visit Joe for graduation, he got on my nerves. First of all, I hadn't seen him in 10 weeks, so how could he?! Second of all, he rarely gets on my nerves when he is here! Yes, he does drive me a little crazy on occasion and yes, we do fight from time to time. I'm not saying our relationship is perfect, because it's not. What I'm saying is, I love my husband no matter what. He can drive me crazy, he can do things that infuriate me, he can forget to do things, but after all that he's still my husband, my best friend, my love. What's so wrong with being in love?{Before my best friend was also my husband =) Yes, we are crazy, and haven't changed!}


When will it get better?

If you know, please tell me! It seems the hubby and I are seeing eye to eye on this whole AIT and separation thing. Not that we weren't before, but I think it's just clear now.

He had a bad day today. He's struggling to understand things in his classes, which is a new thing to him. He's a pretty smart guy (I know I sound biased, but it is true), so it kind of bothers him. He even made a C on a test, which is seriously unmarked territory for him. He is an test-taker. I'm serious. In college, we had several classes together. I would study my butt off for a test and make a B and he would look over my notes and make an A. It bothered me then, and it still bothers me now! Lol! Anyway, so he's having
a hard time with that and the fact that his so-called instructor doesn't know how to teach without taking an hour to answer a question or chasing rabbits. This is something that one would come to expect from the college we went to, but certainly not from the Army. Then, he told me that he did not pass his inspection today. Which means he did not phase up. This translates as no free weekends or day passes for me to go visit. I can still visit, but it's not really worth the money when he doesn't have any free time. I feel so bad for him. Because he didn't pass, the SGT seriously put him down. Add that to the fact that he doesn't know when his next inspection will be...so who knows when he'll actually be able to phase up. Great.

So, we texted for a while this evening talking about
all of this. He's so worried about me, and he really shouldn't be. Yes, I miss him and this really sucks, but I'm ok. I think he's most worried that he made the wrong decision by joining the Army and leaving me here by myself. I only think he worries about that because he's just so frustrated with everything that's going on. Today wasn't a good day for him, so his mind wanders. You know, sometimes it's scary how alike we are. =) I suppose that is a good thing, but still a little scary at times. That is something that has "Sarah" written allllll over it! I worry about everything, and the more upset I get, the more I worry about everything. Lol! Poor guy. I told him that it was my job to do all the worrying.

But again, when is this going to get better? I know that we both need time to adjust to this new situation...but still. Maybe it will get better once I'm able to go visit him again. Things seem to be much better when I can see him. I suppose that makes sense though, doesn't it? =) So, I suppose for now, I'm just going to have to be super su
pportive and pray a whole lot! {I really love this!!}

*I found this picture @


Saturday, oh Saturday. Where are you?

I'm ready for the weekend! It has been one heck of a week already. As you know, yesterday was not a good day for me. So, following the tradition, today wasn't either. Awesome!

You know, I really hate to complain about my job because so many people are without jobs right now, but I really hate my job. Really. I am so sick of being treated like I'm less than human just because I'm a hostess at a restaurant. Is it really so hard just to sit at whatever table or booth I seat you at?! Really, people should be thankful for this because they don't have to think, just sit. Oh, no, that's too much to ask. It seems like every day I hear these comments: "Uh, can we get a booth instead?", "I don't want to sit back there, can I get somewhere closer to the front?", "Can I get that table back there in the corner?", "Can I have this booth?", "Can I have that table?", "Oh, we want to sit in the bar instead.", "Uh, can I sit by that window over there?", "*scoff* Do you have anything else? I don't wanna sit here.", "Can I get a boof instead?" {'boof' is southerner for 'booth'. yeah} This, folks, is what I deal with on a daily basis. Yes, I thoroughly enjoy my job. Oh, I didn't mention these: "We got charged for ____ and we ordered ____.", "We need some more ___.", "Can I get a refill?", "EXCUSE ME, MISS!!!!", "HEY!", "Can we get some napkins/silverware?". My thoughts in response: I'M NOT A SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a break!

So, now, add in the fact that I really really miss my husband. Yes, I talk to him every night. It's still nowhere near the same. I miss him being here...period. Today would have been a really good day for him to be here. I'm upset because my job sucks, and one of my co-workers is, and probably always will be, a jerk, and I really just need a hug...or something. I know that sounds a little silly and childish, but I think it would really help! I still don't know if I can move. Joe's days are so packed that he barely has time to think, let alone make a phone call. So, I don't know. I think I was a little too, um, irritated when I talked to him about that tonight. I hate it when I do that. It's not his fault that I had a bad day, and there's not really anything he can do to fix it (even if he were here), so there's no point in me being grumpy with him. It just happens.

I just wanted so badly to be angry earlier. Like that would solve my problems. Sometimes I just feel like if I could get angry, yell, and throw things I'd feel better. Then I end up crying...forever. Sort of like I did tonight. It was a little ridiculous. I'm sure a fly on the wall would have been entertained by my outburst of tears. Did I mention this happened while I was washing dishes? Yeah. I'll set the scene for you. It's 15 minutes til 6, and I've been home since about 3:30. I finally decided to get off the couch and think about dinner, so I came upstairs and stared at the dishes piled in the sink. I didn't want to do them, but I turned the faucet on and waited for the water to get hot. So, while I was waiting, I walked to the door and stared out the window, wishing Joe would come up the driveway. Insert tears. After a minute, I checked the water, which was finally hot. Still crying. The more I washed, the more I cried. I thought about everything that could possibly upset me: my crappy job, my jerk of a co-worker, the bff incident from yesterday, the people who come into work and irritate me, how much I miss Joe, and wish he was here...and the list continues. As a cried and washed dishes, I silently begged God to make a way for me to at least be near Joe. Maybe that would help. I just miss him...there aren't really words for how I feel. And, if I moved, I could quit my crappy job. Then all would be right in the world...according to the fantasy land in my head. Reality land tells me that if I move, I'd still be lonely (at least for several weeks), and chances are whatever job I would get once I moved, would probably suck in one way or another.

I don't have the slightest clue what God's plans for me are. I wish I knew. It might make this whole thing just a little bit easier. Then again...do I really want to know? Probably not. I just want to be out of this rut and with Joe. It's so hard for me to remember that God has a plan (Jer. 29:11) and that "all things work to the good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose (Rom. 8:28)" and that nothing is impossible for God. I know these things, and I do believe them...but in the midst of this mess, I can get lost in what's going on around me. So, I suppose all I can do is pray and read the Word.


"Rainy days and Mondays always get me down."

Except today was neither a rainy day or a Monday, although it did feel like Monday.

What a day. Actually, it started out as a pretty good day. I ignored my alarm as it was blaring at me to get out of bed and go to the gym and slept for an extra hour. I got up, had a leisurely breakfast, took the dog out, fed the dog, and took my time getting ready for work. It was nice. I was 5 minutes early, chatted with a few co-workers. It seemed to be a good day...that is, until 3:00.

One of our regulars decided to complain about me this time around. You see, folks, there are certain people who live to come into restaurants, complain, and get their meal for free. This particular lady is one of them. She made the decision to complain about me after she came to me (A HOSTESS) about her bill. So, what did I do when she complained? I went to find her server. Her server confirmed her complaint and solved one of them. Since the ladies had been waiting so long for their dessert, the manager was planning to take it to the table. Meanwhile, I took food to a table near these lovely ladies who glared at me the entire time I was speaking to the other table. Since I knew that the manager was taking care of the ladies' issue, I said nothing to them. Later, I found out that this particular lady said she wanted to kick my @$! because of my attitude. My attitude. Right. My "Hi, Welcome To _____; right this way; enjoy your meal" attitude. Sure. Awesome.

Then, on my way home from work, my mom informed me of an encounter with the mother of one of my bff's from high school. My bff is getting married, and my mom asked her about the wedding. Her mom told mine that my bff's wedding would not be as "elaborate" as mine and that my bff is "much more practical" than me.. My thoughts: "Uh, excuse me?! My wedding was anything but elaborate!!" From what my mom tells me, it sounds like she's not invited...which probably means neither am I. Ugh. This, from the woman who I once regarded as my second mother. The woman I relied on when my mom wasn't available. The woman whose house my brother and I both spent the better part of our teenage years in. It really hurt me to hear that. To think that someone could say that about me, when I spent so much time with her and thought of her as a second mom. In fact, I even called her that occasionally. I am deeply hurt by her comments.

All this, combined with my missing my husband makes for a very yucky day. I hardly spoke to him at all today. I know he's busy and isn't allowed to have his phone for most of the day, but it's still hard. I still don't even know if I can move yet. Joe hasn't had the opportunity to speak to finance about that possibility. So, I know absolutely nothing but today was not a good day. I went to small group tonight, and that helped, but I still feel upset. Maybe it's because I don't know if I can move, that complaint made me feel like I'm less that what I really am, and the comments made me feel deeply hurt. I know that God has a plan for my life, and I'm trying to rest in that fact. Sometimes, though, it is so hard to remember that in light of everything else that is going on in my life.


A New Journey...

Known to the Army as AIT. *sigh* I miss my hubby. It's only been a few days since I saw him, and I'm already going crazy! I suppose part of it is because I got off work early today. Still, though, the house is empty without him here. Joe's classes started today, and apparently, they aren't allowed to take their phones. Which translates as no communication for the entire day. Would someone please tell me how this is different from BCT? I mean, other than the fact that he can call me at night. Outside of that, it feels just like BCT. I still don't know when he's going to call, I still can't talk to him during the day, and I can't text him during the day because he's not allowed to have his phone! This is no fun. =(

There is some slightly good news, though. Joe was told that I am "authorized" to move to Augusta/Ft. Gordon! Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you! Apparently, if AIT lasts 20 or more weeks, spouses are "authorized" to move to be near their Soldier. Now, I have no clue what this "authorized" business entails, but I've got the hubby working on that one! I'm praying that it means the Army will pay for me to move there, but I really don't know. I would love to move down there, even though I don't know a single soul there. If it means I can spend the weekends with him (once he reaches Phase 5, of course), then why not? Especially if the Army is going to pay for it! It's a free move! The other alternative is to do what we planned before we knew this: I would go see him every other weekend and get a hotel. That's not so bad. It's only a 4 hour drive...then there's the cost of the hotel and food for the weekend. Oh, and gas to get there and back. What's a girl to do, though? I've got to see my hubby!

I'm praying about this, but I'm just not sure what God wants me to do. I know that if it's His plan, He'll make a way, but...the not knowing is killing me! I hate that I'm so impatient! If only I could see just a teeny tiny bit of God's plan for me...that would be awesome! I know, wishful thinking. =) I suppose God is just trying - yet again - to teach me some patience. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever learn! I suppose that's just human nature though. So, for now, I'm stuck at home waiting for the hubby to call and praying about moving. Life goes on...


It's Over!!!!!

Joe's BCT is officially over as of Oct. 1!!! Family Day was the 30th, and graduation was the following day. It was wonderful!!!! There was a short ceremony on Family Day, before I got to see my Soldier for the first time in 10 weeks. =) Their Captain gave a very nice speech. All of the platoons marched in to the cadence of their choice. However, there was so much yelling from the crowd it was hard to know what they were saying! It was nice to see all the boys in their Class B uniforms! =D They also "sang" the infantry & army songs....yikes!!! Have you ever heard 240 Soldiers fresh out of BCT try to sing together?! Ugh! It was the worst singing I've ever heard in my life!!!! Those boys could have used to some lessons! lol!

Joe is the first guy in the 2nd row - on the left.

Joe and I before he had to be back on base after Family Day.

The graduation ceremony was very impressive and interesting. They started off with some music from the band at Ft. Benning. First, they showed all of the Army uniforms from 1777 to present day. Then, they started with a demonstration of what Soldiers actually do in the field. I think 3 or 4 squads came up with smoke behind them 'searching' the field while shots were being fired (or simulated) from behind and to the woods beside the field. It was really cool. The very cool & informative demonstration.

Then, all 4 platoons marched in. =) Yay for graduation! The Colonel gave a speech, which was nice. They had officers "review" the platoons...which is ap
parently more of a tradition than anything. I sort of liked that part, even though it seemed like a formality. After they had been reviewed and approved (I guess), they recited the Soldier's Creed. After which, the SPC who presented them turned around, saluted, and said "Sir! We are Soliders." =) I don't know why, but I really liked that. Next, the band and all the platoons marched in front of us. For a close-up, I guess. After the "close-up", they sang....again. Yikes! Then, the Soldiers were released for the rest of the day!
All 4 platoons in Bravo Company @ Ft. Benning. =)

Graduation is over! Me & my Soldier! Or, shall I say, my G.I. Joe! =) Hee hee!

Now, to endure AIT (Advanced Individual Training). He's now at Fort Gordon (Augusta, GA), and it's supposed to last 23 weeks. However, he was informed on Friday, that he will most likely be out in 20 weeks! Woohoo! So, right now, he is in Phase 4. Which basically means he doesn't have his weekends free - with the exception of this weekend, which I spent with him in Augusta! =D I didn't think I'd be able to see him after I dropped him off at Ft. Benning on Thursday night. But, he text me on Friday afternoon as I was on my home and told me he had the weekend free. So, I turned that car around and headed to my sweetheart as quickly as possible! =) I dropped him off at Ft. Gordon this afternoon. It was hard, but I know I'll be able to see him as soon as he gets to Phase 5. That could be a couple weeks, but after the last 10 weeks, I feel certain I can make it even if it is really tough. I still miss him, but I can at least call and text him now. He has full possession of his phone at AIT which is a really nice change. =) I just hope that the next 20 weeks go as quickly as the last 10 have! Keep praying for us!