Thanksgiving Weekend

One thing I am thankful for is not having to spend Thanksgiving on the floor!!! =)

Joe's 1st SGT informed them on Tuesday evening during formation that all Phase V's could travel (up to 250 mi) for Thanksgiving!!! So, he got the paperwork together and we surprised (most of) his family for Thanksgiving! It was great! We got up early on Thursday, packed the car and headed back to NC. So, we were able to eat a real Thanksgiving dinner at a table, surrounded by family that Joe hadn't seen since July. =) And, he's been able to stay at our first home. That was a big plus for both of us. Now, I can move out of this place feeling much better. I don't know why, but I was sort of sad when I thought that he would never live in this place with me again.

Anyway, I'm totally in love with our new apartment. It's smaller and a little bit more noisy than I'm used to, but I really like it! For the first time since we've been married, we have central heating and air (woohoo!), a dishwasher, pantry, linen closet, walk-in closets, and 2 bathrooms! It's a-maz-ing! I spent 2 nights there on an air mattress, which I wasn't too crazy about, but I can say it was incredibly wonderful to not have 3 blankets over me, with the space heater on because I didn't want to freeze to death. You see, here in good 'ole NC, every house that was built before like the 90s uses oil for heat. And, if you pay attention AT ALL to oil/gas prices, you know how expensive that can be. So, we barely use the oil heat. It's just way too expensive to use to heat your home 24/7. Hence the space heater. =) Electricity is a million times cheaper.

I can't wait to start decorating the new apartment! I desperately want to get curtains...and a new bedspread. The hubby is a little reluctant to let me do this because we're paying more for rent than we're used to. *sigh* This does not make me very happy. But, we did get a new (and bigger) Christmas tree yesterday, along with a few other decorations so I will just have to use those to make me feel better. I LOVE decorating for Christmas! =D Ok, here are a few pics of the new apartment...without furniture. More to come when we actually move in.

{Our lovely kitchen!}

{Bathroom, with the new decorations I purchased last week. =D}

{The bedroom, before the air mattress arrived.}

{Living room, complete with makeshift table. Glass doors lead to the patio. =)}

{Hallway leading to 2nd bedroom & bathroom.}
{Jasper, relaxing in his new surroundings.}


Anger, Sorrow, Giddiness...

All experienced in one day. How, you ask? Allow me to tell you this wonderful story.

You may know that I am trying desperately to move to GA where my hubby is currently in AIT. Friday, he spent his morning finalizing all the paperwork. We were under the impression that all was set to go and that I'd be moving on Tuesday. WRONG!

Apparently, a fax was never sent from one fort to the other because of a number change. Why everyone wasn't informed of this change, I have NO idea. That's another story though. So, when I called to confirm that the movers were coming tomorrow I was met with, "We never received a fax confirming____." And I was also informed that they couldn't come tomorrow because "that's not the way it works." Wow. And this is AFTER I spent AN HOUR waiting for the freaking transportation office to answer their dadgum phone!!!!! Seriously, doesn't the Army have people that do that?! Obviously not, because I spent most of my day hearing the endless "ring, ring" on the other end praying that someone - anyone - would pick up. So, after receiving that lovely news, I proceeded to call the base where hubby is at to see what the problem was. I was met with a lovely lady who proceeded to tell me that she could not help me because my goods weren't coming there yet. Seriously, I almost came through that phone and strangled the woman after speaking to her a total of 3 times on the phone...in all of which she told me she couldn't help me. The 4th time I called back, I finally got a HELPFUL woman on the phone who sent the fax...only for the other base not to get it again because of the number change.

So, back to the phones for Sarah! After several phone calls, I finally reached a wonderful, amazing, sweet girl who talked me through the rest of the process. She even walked over to Outbound Transportation and made sure someone would talk to me! =) I just wanted to hug her! After another phone call - and email sent to - this wonderful woman, I was informed that the earliest they good move my "goods" would be Dec. 3/4. =( Sad day.

So far we have anger (annoying lady on the phone who refused to help me) and sadness (no way they can move me tomorrow).

So, after all that I finally was able to call one of my lovelies and tell her all the junk that had happened that day. She'd seen my status on facebook regarding my moving issues and sent me a text. She reminded me that even though I couldn't move, I could still go to GA, sign the lease for the new apartment and spend the rest of the week with him. The "giddy" part was when we started picturing "Thanksgiving on the floor". =D We won't have a stick of furniture in that place, and we're going to spend Thanksgiving there!!! Picture this: an apartment with nothing but a futon/air mattress (haven't decided which I'd rather purchase), a laptop with speakers, tons of DVDs, Thanksgiving dinner in the oven, paper plates, paper towels, plastic silverware, plastic cups, a bottle of wine, and our crazy puppy!! LOL!!!! This is most definitely going to be a holiday we never forget!!!


Oh, the Frustration!

Who knew that it took the Army half a million years to do anything!!! Why on earth does it take 10-15 days for them to deposit money into my account so that we can pay the deposit on our apartment? I mean, does it really take that long? Sure, the paper work has to be "approved". I still soooo do NOT get it!!! Basically, they're telling me it takes at the very least 10 days for them to approve some freaking paperwork. Really? Get some better help or something. Geez.

So, this means that the whole moving thing
is totally up in the air. I have to call the apartments tomorrow to see if they'll work with us and delay the payment of our deposit (along with those lovely BS fees, as I like to call them). I'm hoping and praying that they will, considering it is a military town. Joe is going to go to finance to see about possible temporary housing as well as go to transportation to see when they can get here to move all our stuff. Hopefully, even if the apartments won't work with us, the Army can set us up with some sort of housing until we either get a paycheck or the DLA money. *sigh* What a long and drawn out process.

I'm totally frustrated. My phone call with Joe
tonight consisted of me raising my voice and trying to figure out what in the world he wanted me to do...I think we talked in circles for a good 20 minutes too. I felt so bad that we were arguing because it's not like we can see each other every day. I know it's not his fault that it takes them so long to do things, but I also think (sometimes) that if he'd taken care of this a month ago, we wouldn't be having this problem now! Ugh. This totally sucks. I know that I shouldn't try to plan every aspect of my life and just let God handle it all, but it's so incredibly hard! Sometimes, I just want things to turn out the way I plan. I was hoping for that this time, but no cigar. =( Please pray for me, for patience, peace, and guidance...pray that the apartments will be willing to work with us and delay our deposit payment. I miss being with my hubby, and I just want to be with him as soon as possible.
I miss this cute boy and his silliness. =)



So, I'm getting really tired tonight, but I still feel the need to write. Be prepared for very random thoughts/topics. =)

People keep telling me how strong I have been to go through all the stuff I've been through in the last 3 months. When I think about it, I really haven't been that strong. It's just that people don't get to see me when I have my psycho crazy breakdowns at home. Because, let's face it, who really has an emotional meltdown in public or around other people? When I'm with people, the loneliness isn't bad. In fact, sometimes I completely forget that I have to go home to an empty house (excluding my dear puppy, of course). Hone
stly though, I'm not as strong as I may seem.

The first few weeks he was gone to BCT, I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning. I had to be around people, or I'd be in meltdown mode in about 6 seconds. I cried every.single.morning. On the way to the gym: I wish he was here. On the way home from the gym: Why isn't he here? Home from work: I miss getting a hug when I come home. Going to bed: I hate sleeping alone. The only way I got through it was because of God. He gave me the strength to get up in the morning and go and do the things that needed to be done. I cried and prayed to Him about a thousand times a day. He encouraged me through His Word. My small group encouraged me constantly. My church is amazing. It seemed like those first few weeks, every sermon was just for me. I kept working with in the childr
en's ministry, and have had so much fun doing it! So, you see, it wasn't me at all. It was all God, and I won't take any credit for getting through all this stuff. Like my pastor said this morning, "every crisis is an opportunity for God to work in our lives". That's what this has been for me. I've grown so much closer to Him, which is exactly what He wants. So, it all works out. =) Though I love the people who tell me I'm strong, just realize it isn't me.

So, I'm probably going to be moving in a week. I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for this. I need to clean out desks, the fridge, and get rid of all the junk that I don't use on a daily basis. Have I started this yet? Nope! I just don't feel like messing with it all!! Anyone want to help?! Please?!

I was folding laundry just a little while ago and realized how much I love warm towels - straight out of the dryer!! One of my favorite things in the world! Just thought I'd share that little lovely tidbit with you!

I have come to love eating pizza with the fam here in NC on Sunday nights. Pretty sure that's a tradition we'll have to continue even if we can't be with family. =)

I love to bake! Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecake...you name it! I don't do it very often now that Joe isn't here. Which may be the reason I've lost weight....hmmmm....no baked goods = no extra lbs on the belly and hips. There could be a connection here!

I'm totally in love with having an iPhone. I'm sorry to all those who want one and can't afford it. My hubby spoils me. And I'm totally ok with that. I love all the apps and cool gadgets I can get - for FREE! =D You know, I'm pretty much in love with everything that Apple makes. =) iPod, iPhone, Macbooks...iMac...I desperately want the 21in iMac. It's a beautiful thing. Seriously, I don't know why people even look at PCs. Macs are way better, easier to use, and harder to get viruses on!

Grey's Anatomy is my all-time favorite TV show. My world stops on Thursday at 9p.m. Please don't call/text me during Grey's, unless you are watching it too. Then, commercials only! LOL! I'm also beginning to get addicted to Private Practice - the spin-off of Grey's. Now that Addison has been 86'ed from Grey's and Derek, I totally love her. =) Hehehe.

I am passionate about football. LOVE it. I yell at the TV, refs, players who make retarded moves, and coaches. Yup. Nothing irritates me more tha
n commentators who are biased. The OU Sooners are my college boys, and the Colts are my NFL boys. =)

I'm addicted to scrapbooking. Thanks to Melissa for getting me hooked! <3 you! Pretty sure I'm on my way to being addicted to blogging. I've been addicted to Facebook for far too long...more so now that I'm "single". It's pretty sad. Last, and certainly not least, I'm totally in love with my sweet, silly, wonderful husband. =D We are best friends. It's totally awesome. I'm looking forward to being crazy with him for forever.

This was taken while we were dating...but really, we still do this crazy stuff. Love it! <3


Dear US Army...

Why are you making my life miserable?!

First, you entice my husband to join your ranks. Then, you take him to GA for 10 weeks for serious training during which time I was not allowed to communicate with him except through letters. Now, you take him to AIT and tease me with phone calls, text messages, and weekends together.

And if that weren't enough, you are trying to keep me from moving to be with him while he is in AIT!!! There's the mounds and mounds of paperwork, classes he's required to be in, formations he has to report to, and the battle buddy required to go anywhere on base. All these things keep him from setting things up for me to move there!! Then, today, I find out that it's possible you won't even pay for us to move twice in the same fiscal year! Seriously?! I thought family was important to the Army! It seems to me like you're doing everything in your power to keep us apart as much as possible! Is it not enough that we haven't lived together in over 3 months? Is it not enough that we've seen each other for about 4 weekends since July 22?! Not only that, once you've gotten him out of AIT, you could deploy him to the desert and keep him there for entirely too long. Do you hate me?

All I want is to be able to move twice in the same year, because that's where you're telling my beloved husband to go. I want to be with him. You know, the whole "two become one", "leave and cleave" thing that's in our vows. I don't think it's fair for you to take my husband places in the US and not give me the money to go there too. So, what do you say? Can I be with him for a while? Think about it and get back to me ASAP.

Thank you,

His Frustrated Army Wife



Is there a true definition, or do we define it for ourselves? Webster's defines it as this: outcome or result; degree or measure of succeeding favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence; one that succeeds. But, what is it really? What does it mean?

I was thinking about this the other day...where my life has taken me, the situations God has put me in. I wondered, "Am I successful? Will I be successful"? American culture puts so much emphasis on being an individual and making a life for yourself. Being successful is the must-have in today's society. But what is it; what does it mean?

In high school, I was voted - by my teachers - Most Likely To Succeed. This absolutely thrilled me! The fact that my teachers thought so highly of me to say that out of all the people I graduated with (a whole whopping 37), they thought I was the one who would do the best in life. At the time, success meant to me that I would go to college, get a degree, become a teacher, get married, have babies, and teach for a million years (not necessarily in that order). Success. My accomplishments. An I-did-this-by-myself thing. After I graduated, I did the norm. I went to college and worked my ever-loving butt off. I worked a part time job, went to class full time and then some, dated (and met the man of my dreams), managed to do all my homework (even if I did procrastinate), keep a darn good GPA, and be active in the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) on campus.

Then, reality struck. I graduated from college with a BS in History (with teacher licensure)! =D What an accomplishment! A month later - almost to the day - I got married. After the honeymoon, we moved into our first home 950 miles away from where I'd spent my entire life. =O At the time, we were both working at our beloved restaurant. *sigh* I still don't know how we managed to pay the bills on tips and a hostess' paycheck. Neither one of us were able to find teaching jobs, so we stayed in our wonderful jobs. Then, hubby got a "real job" nowhere near what he went to college for. But, he got to work with computers, they allowed him to drive a company car, and we got a steady paycheck! Hello, real world! 5 months later, he lost his job. Thank you so much, dear economy. I had no choice but to keep the job I had come to loathe so that bills would get paid...sort of. Enter the Army, BCT, and now AIT.

Now, where am I? Still at the restaurant...with a Bachelor's degree. Not sure if I really want to teach, or if God wants me to. I keep telling myself there is a reason why I didn't find a job when we moved. I'm quitting my job now that I'm moving and we actually have a steady income that takes care of the bills. So, I have options. And for the life of me, I don't know what I want to do. A part of me says, "well, you have a BS in teaching...get a teaching job!" Then, another part of me says, "do you really want to get up that early and deal with cranky, sarcastic kids who could care less about history?" Another part says, "you really liked working as a pharmacy tech., do that!" And that final part says, "I just wanna be a stay at home mom." But that one is a ways off, I do believe.

So, by our culture's standards, am I successful? I married a man willing to do whatever it takes to provide for me so that I can do what I want to do, including staying home with the babies (once they start arriving, that is). I'm a Christian woman who wants to do what God wants her to do, even if it's tough because I know his plans are way better than my own. I don't have a "real job", I have bills up to my eyes, I don't own a house, we have one car, and I have no idea what I want to be when I "grow up". So, does that mean I'm not successful? Or does it just mean that the world - not God - thinks I'm unsuccessful? I'm totally ok with my life right now. I love my husband, I love my life, and I hope to one day find a job I love, whatever that may be. Success? Maybe. If not, I love my life anyway. Most importantly, should I care if our good 'ole American standards see me as successful? No. The only thing that matters is that I'm doing what God wants me to do, and becoming the woman He wants me to become. Ultimately, that is my goal.

Just thought I'd share my heart with all - 4 - of you tonight. =)


☁ Rainy Tuesday ☂

It has rained all stinkin' day today! The rain just makes me want to sleep all day. Why is it that this always happens when I work? Not to mention the fact that rain affects the restaurant biz in a weird way. Which translates as a very long day for me and my poor knees.It was a good day, though. I think it might have been the "funness" left over from a co-worker's baby shower the night before. It was so much fun! It may have been just because it was a bunch of people (mostly girls) from work just hanging out and talking, which is usually very limited while at work. I did eat way too much junk today. We took all the leftover desserts from the shower to work today...so, yeah...I got hungry and there they were, staring at me.

Good news came today! I will be moving in about two weeks, as long as things go smoothly! =D I'm so excited! I can't wait to be living closer to Joe, and I'm even more excited about having a new place! It's going to be great! But, there's going to be a lot to do between now and then. Paperwork, bills, getting an apartment (and lease), turning on the electric, and gas...*sigh* At least the Army foots the bill for the start up costs and the moving!

I am a little sad to be leaving everyone here. I was thinking
after I got home from small group, that next week will probably be my last week there. =( They've been a huge support for me while Joe's been in training - especially during BCT. I don't know how I would have made it without their support, advice, and prayers. I'm going to miss my awesome church, as well. I cried a little bit about it. I've never been upset about leaving a church before. Ever. So, this is definitely something. I'm also upset about leaving the family I have here. I know we're only family because I married in, but we've all gotten close this last year and however many months. I'm sad I'm going to miss out on things that will happen while I'm gone....like the birth of my new little niece. I'm sure I'll make it here around the time she arrives, but still. I'll be here after Christmas, and things like that...but there are impromptu things that will happen that I won't be around for, and I'll miss that. But, on the bright side, I'll be able to spend so much more time with my hubby, and that's what really matters in the long run. =)

The hubby's family and I at the beach this summer. Oh, how I ♥ the beach!! =D


I Vote for Longer Weekends!

It seems to me like the weekdays creep by ever so slowly and then suddenly around Friday at 5:00 time goes into super-speed! What's with that? Does anyone else feel the same?

Despite the very little time the weekends give us, Joe and I had a really good weekend. I drove down on Friday and got there relatively early, which was nice. I wasn't rushed, I had plenty of daylight and plenty of good songs on the iPod to keep me entertained! Once I got there, I had to wait a while for Joe to get done with class, mail call, and formation. *sigh* Why is it always hurry up and wait? Friday night was really nice. =)

Saturday was apartment shopping day! I think we went to 4 or 5 places. Not a whole lot, but I only picked ones that were in our price range and accepted dogs. It's hard to find places that meet both of those requirements while being really nice. There were 2 places that seemed nice, and 1 that I am completely in love with even though it's a little more expensive than we were wanting to pay. I guess that's just the way it goes. This one has very nice, spacious closets (everything a girl needs!), a kitchen with a DISHWASHER and plenty of storage/cabinet space, nice sized bedrooms, and a patio/balcony. *sigh* I am in love!!! Oh, and did I mention the 2 ponds, pool, grill area, clubhouse with wi-fi, tennis courts, laundry center, and fitness center?!

Hopefully, Joe can get all the paperwork started tomorrow. He's got the day off (along with Wed.) for Veteran's Day, so maybe he can get everything going. I'm hoping (and praying hard) that I'll be able to be there by Thanksgiving. I just don't think I can stand for him to be alone on a holiday. He only gets that day off - no 4 day weekend for Phase V's - so, there's no way he'll be able to come here or I'll be able to go there. =( Plus, if I'm there, his buddies that can't go anywhere or don't have family can come over and hang out. Which I'm sure they'll love. =) We'll see, though. I know God's timing is perfect, but sometimes, I really just want it to be in my time! I know I'm impatient sometimes, and I really hope that God isn't wanting to teach me patience in this one! Lol! =)

Gotta love some quality Joe & Sarah time. =D



I'm feeling a random rant coming tonight, so beware! =)

First, I just want to say how much I hate my job. Have I mentioned that before? Probably so. I am just so tired of being treated...like dirt. Like I'm dirt because I'm a hostess. It's a job people! Someone has to do it, and I don't appreciate being treated like less for doing it! I honestly just do not understand why you people can't sit where I put you! There's a system, one that you probably wouldn't understand, so just trust me to do the job that I was hired to do and have been doing for a while now. Ok? Thanks.

I also don't understand why managers can be such jerks. Ok, sure, I wasn't at my "post" at all times today. But, you try standing in the same spot for 5 hours whether it's crazy busy or completely dead. There's only so much you can do while waiting for people to walk in the door: stare out the windows...stare...daydream...wait for someone to walk up so you can talk to them...shift your weight to the other leg...doodle on paper for a while...does that sound interesting to anybody?! So, sue me for walking to the back to actually talk to a human being for 30 seconds! Don't be rude to me just because I didn't know that someone had dared to enter the doors of the restaurant while I wasn't there.

In other news, this weekend is going to be great! I have tomorrow off, so I can sleep in (because I probably won't be able to all weekend), finish the dishes, finish packing, drop the puppy off at my sister in law's house, and get my check from that awful place called "work". Then, I'll put that sucker in the bank and head off to see my hubby! There is a possibility that Joe will not have to be back on base tomorrow night for bed check!!! Which means...we get to spend the night together!!!! =D Soooooo excited about that! I miss him sleeping beside me. =) Hehe.

Saturday is going to be a fun-filled day of apartment shopping! And I can't wait! I've got a list of places to visit, along with addresses, and rent prices. Hopefully, we'll get a lot of ground covered...I'm hoping I'll find a place and reserve it or something until I can actually find out when exactly I'm moving. I'm still a little confused as to how all that works, but hey, at least I don't have to pack anything, right? I don't know what we're going to do Sunday, but somehow I feel like we're going to be hanging out at the mall or maybe go to a movie.

Alright, I'm going to put this randomness to rest and go to bed! Hope you all (well, the 3 of you) got a kick out of my crazy random thoughts! ♥



Here's what I really want to know: how does the Army really think the bills are gonna get paid when they take out a bazillion dollars worth of taxes?! I mean, really, we don't even see our BAH (Basic Housing Allowance). Why? Well, because that's about how much we have to pay in freaking taxes!!!! Not that the housing allowance was that much anyway, but it's definitely more than what we're actually paying for rent. So, how is it that I still feel like I'm living paycheck to paycheck? We don't have any more bills that we did before...and nothing has really changed. I don't get it. I just got really frustrated when I looked at his pay stub tonight. *sigh*

In other news, I'm also overwhelmed about packing and getting rid of things we don't need. I know the Army packs and moves you, but for some reason, I look around at all this stuff...and I start thinking that I really don't know what we have in storage...and we have so much stuff that's not in storage...where is it all going to go?! I don't actually know how many square feet are in the place we're in now, but it has to be more than what most apartments have. Not to mention the built-in storage. To be honest, I think there is a lot of stuff that didn't get unpacked because neither one of us wanted to deal with it anymore and we just called it good. Lol! I almost want to open the boxes and figure it all out, but then again, I'm worried about finding bugs in those boxes. =/ Yes, I am a total and complete wimp when it comes to any and all bugs. Especially the creepy, crawly kind that love to inhabit my home during the winter months.

As a matter of fact, last week, I came home to a very creepy spider (which I later decided had to be a brown recluse) just chillin' on the couch downstairs. I opened the door, and it was like, "Hey, 'sup? I'm just chillin' on the couch enjoying the sunshine, wanna join?" So, what did I do? I screamed like the girl I am and high-tailed it upstairs. Then, I realized that there was no one else - except my dog - in the house. So, I left this creepy spider all alone in the living room...possibly letting it get away. Then, I'd never find it!!! Now what? I called my mom. Yep. I did. She advised me to get the broom - after many other suggestions which I denied because I didn't "want to get that close to it!" - and whack it. So, with the phone in one hand, broom and bug spray in the other, I walked slowly downstairs. I spotted that creepy spider immediately and cringed. "Do I have to kill it?! I don't wanna!!" So, Mom tells me to put the phone down and just kill it. "Yes, Mom." ;-) So, I put the phone on the table, raise the broom, hit the spider and yelled. Yep. I know. Then, just to make sure it was really dead, I hit that thing again...and broke my broom. =( Sad day. Pretty sure my mom was laughing at me...but that's ok. 1 spider down, 5,875,209 to go.

So, back to my original story: I HATE PACKING!!!! So, in order to avoid packing, I'm doing some fall cleaning. =) Today, I cleaned out some junk to take to my wonderful sister in law's house for a garage sale this weekend. It felt good to get that stuff out of my house...knowing that someone will pay $3 or less for my unwanted junk. Gotta love the US! =) I also made a call to a local furniture consignment store that will hopefully cart off my unwanted furniture and pay me for it! At this point, I really don't care how much I get for it, I just want it gone. Besides that, it's not like I paid anything for any furniture in this house anyway, thanks to my wonderful family! I still don't know how that happened. So, hopefully, by this time next week, I will be 4 pieces of furniture short, and $25 richer. =D And with that $25ish, I will be redecorating our bathroom! But, I can't decide if I want to go ahead and put up the new stuff or wait until I get to the new apartment in GA. Tough decision! So much to do, so little time to do it in. Story of my life!


Moving, moving, moving!! ❒

I'm completely obsessed with it right now! All I can think about is apartment shopping!

I'm going to move to GA soon - in case any of you didn't know - so, I'm going to see the hubby this weekend and we're going to look at some apartments. And I'm really excited! Probably too excited for my own good! *sigh* I don't know why I'm so excited. I really don't like to move...ok, let me rephrase. I really don't like packing and unpacking. Really. It sucks. I hate to have a house full of boxes...staring at me. With all my crap - and I have tons - sitting around me, in boxes, waiting for me to open them and distribute it.

When you really think about it, we have way more stuff than we really need. I think most of it is because both of us seem to be pack rats. This is not good. I think I may be just a tad bit worse, but still. You should have seen that U-Haul packed full of our stuff when we moved in. Long story short, Joe's parents moved us to NC as a wedding gift, and his sister too. So, her stuff and our stuff was in there together. I daresay that 80% of that thing was full of our stuff. Sad, isn't it? Well, at least I won't be carrying any of the boxes this time!!!! =D Thank goodness the Army takes care of that! Although, I will be pretty much on my own for the unpacking part. Not looking forward to that.

What I am looking forward to is decorating a new place!!!!! =D I think I take after my Nana....I really like to rearrange things every once in a while. It's nice to have a new look. So, this is going to be a new look! I've decided I want to redecorate our bathroom...and make it a little less kid friendly. Right now, we have rubber ducky decor. I know, I know. No comments, please! I already feel like a big dork admitting that. But, before we got married, I really wanted to do a bathroom in duckies! So, I did. And now...I'm thinking we need something a little more...normal! Hahaha! I also want to get a pretty comforter for our bed. Something not so blah.

I really need to get rid of some furniture too. We have another bed that we don't use...except to pile junk on. =D Not to mention the fact that it's pretty much falling apart and no one would want to sleep on it anyway. Then, we have 2 desks. Who really needs 2 desks, anyway? Especially when we're going to be moving...a lot, and to tiny apartments. So, no more 2 desks. I want to get rid of the bigger one, since the drawers really irritate me and the other desk matches the bedroom furniture. Strange, I know, but it does. Not that it's actually in the bedroom though. Ok, I'm starting to ramble! I've also got this vanity thing that I've had since I was like 16...and I'm obviously not going to use it anymore since I have my own darn bathroom that I can hog because it's my house! =P And I'm pretty sure I need to get rid of the beside table that I consistently pile all my junk in/on. I really need to learn how to control this pack rat thing at some point in my life. So, if anyone needs furniture, I'm your girl!

I really can't wait til I move closer to Joe!!!! I'm sooooooooo excited! I may not be able to see him every day, but just knowing that I can get to him in a few minutes if I need to will make me feel so much better! That, and we can spend our weekends like we used to instead of in hotels and finding things to do the rest of the day
because I had to check out at 11:00. Ok, sorry for all the rambling tonight. I don't know what my problem is!!