Memorial Day

It has a totally different meaning for me now. I once viewed it as a 3 or 4 day weekend, and had a good time with family. Now, I'm thanking God that my husband is here, praying for his safety when he goes "over there," and thanking God for all those who went before him.


 Korean War (insert thanks to my Papa for his service there here)

How will you honor our fallen hereos?

*Disclaimer: I'm not implying that you should not have a good time with your families on this holiday weekend. I'm asking that you take a few minutes out of your grilling, beer drinking, lake-going, movie-watching, partying weekend and remember the men and women who died for you to be able to do those things so freely. I, for one, am thankful for those who died for my freedoms. I'm thankful for the service of my sweet Papa, my amazing husband and my [biological] father. They are my heroes.

Holy Blog Post, Batman!

"Robin, there's no need for harsh language. It's only a blog post."

"Sorry, Batman. I was just overwhelmed." =)

Well, I have been gone for about a bazillion blog-years!!! It's been weird not blogging every day. I've been reading and commenting some, but it's totally not the same. We had about the craziest week EVER. Tuesday, Joe had to go back to work. And, let me tell you he was ticked. He was supposed to get day passes while his brother was here, but due to certain circumstances he couldn't. Then, he was told that he could take PCS leave?? It doesn't really count as leave...supposedly you get it when you move, and it's supposed to be used for house searching. Well, he didn't take it when we got here because - hello - we didn't have a car!! So, they wouldn't let him use it. He had to go back on Tuesday to fill out paperwork for leave and a bunch of other junk. *sigh*

Then, he was told he had to go back on Wednesday because some of his paperwork wasn't filled out or signed properly. About 2 hours after I'd dropped him off at the company, he calls me to come get him because - guess what - his paperwork was already signed and filled out properly!!!! Go f'in figure!!! After that lovely fiasco, we took the car to the dealership to get fixed. It was supposed to take an hour. We got there at 0830 and left about 1230. They had to search for the part for an hour, realize they didn't have it, tell us, wait for the part to get there, fix someone else's car while waiting for our part, and THEN they fixed our car. I. Was. Pissed. During the getting-the-car-fixed adventure, we went to eat lunch down the street. In ghettosville, Hawaii. I kid you not. There was a Chinese place nearby, and I love me some Chinese food. Apparently, BIL does too. So, off we went. We walk in...and the entire place is full of either Chinese-speaking people or Hawaiian-speaking people. There were FOUR white people in the entire place. Most of the signs were in Chinese or something. Seriously, not even kidding. It was awkward and the food was not good. We got the heck outta there as soon as we could.

Once we had our car back (with one shiny new headlight and an old yellowed one...), we went home, changed into bathing suits and hit the beach! That's the best way to forget about a rough 2 days, I think. =) We went snorkeling at Waimea and a beach near Hale'iwa that had a ton of sea turtles. And let me tell you, the sea turtles are entirely too friendly for my liking. I just wanna look at them, not touch them, but apparently they wanted to touch me!! Here I was minding my own business and Mr. Sea Turtle comes swimming up behind me and pushes me with his leg!!!!! I totally yelled! =) I know they're harmless, but they're huge!! Anyway, we saw a lot of cool fishies while we were snorkeling. I had issues with my mask and had to call it quits early. I guess that's what happens when you don't spend a bazillion dollars on snorkeling gear. Oh well. It was fun anyway. Even though I got a wicked sunburn...on my shoulders, neck, and left calf. Seriously. No idea how these things happen. And, I reapplied my SPF 85!! *sigh*

Thursday, we went to Margaritaville and The International Market near Waikiki. Here are some of the pictures from that day.

Cool lookin' fish in the pond.

Joe and his brother. =)

My BIL opened one of these for his fiance.

And he got this out of it. Totally jealous.

We were headed to the car when we saw these guys...

And their owner practically shoved them in my hands. Awkward.

Me and Joe.

He was totally loving it!

I interrupt this post to be incredibly ticked off. Blogger is giving me fits!!!! I'm trying to upload all my glorious pics and it keeps crashing my browser!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!! Maybe it's because I just upgraded my Mac OS from Leopard to Snow Leopard? I'm seriously ticked.

So, since I can't load anymore pictures for fear of my browser closing for the 5th time, I'll just tell you about the rest of our week and hopefully upload pictures later. Or, you can check them out on my Facebook page. {You may or may not be able to see them without adding me. If you'd like to add me, just send me a message letting me know who you are. I don't accept requests from random people...who don't stalk my blog. ;-)}

The day with the parrots was pretty much that. Friday, we pretty much did nothing. We went to the ITR to get tickets to Germaine's Luau in Barber's Point. Joe was skeptical of ITR, but he was signing my praises when the lady we talked to told us it would be $31 cheaper through MWR. Ha! In your face, hubby! =P The luau was amazing. I took a bazillion pictures, but only a few of them turned out. Most of them were incredibly blurry because those chicks can shake their hips like nobody's business! I took some really good videos that I'll try to post later as well. The food was decent, the drinks were wonderful (mainly because we got 3 free...), and the entertainment was fantastic! I highly recommend you go if you're planning to come to Oahu anytime soon. 

Well, that's it for me! Hopefully I'll be back later with a cooperative browser. =)

Hasta luego!
P.S. This post was scheduled, so don't go thinkin' I'm some crazy insomniac. ;-)


Get To Know You Sunday

I'm sure most of you are about to have a heart attack because I'm actually posting today! Please, don't! =) Sorry it's been a while, but we've been busy little tourists with my BIL here. He left last night, so things should get back to normal around here. Well, that is until our HHG arrive. It was a sad goodbye for my hubby and his brother. =( It will possibly be the last time they see each other for at least a year. He lives in AR near both of our parents. I will definitely see him, but it's possible that Joe won't. They cried, I cried, it was a teary moment. Anyway, you can expect a real post with lots of pictures later. I promise. =)

1.  Have you ever snooped around someone else's house?
Ooooh yes. I'm seriously bad about snooping in people's bathrooms. I used to do it while baby sitting (because, how are they gonna know, right?), but now I just stick to the bathroom while I'm in there. =)

2. Can guys and girls be friends? ( thanks Jen!)
Sure. It's never really worked out for me, but I know lots of girls who have guy friends.

3. Can you curl your tongue?

4. Have you ever stolen anything?
Maybe pens... =)

5. Would you rather talk on the phone or text?
It depends on who I'm talking to. I really like to text, but sometimes there's just no substitute for a good 'ole fashioned 2 hr phone call.

6. Memorial Day plans?
Nothing big. Hangin' out and relaxing with Joe.

7. What do you do to relax?
Watch a movie, something on TV, read, hang out at the beach, have a drink...

8. Do you do anything to honor those that have died fighting for our freedom?
This is my first Memorial Day as a military spouse. I don't think I ever really, truly realized the sacrifice those men (and women) and their families made until now. When I lived at home, we would grill out, have watermelon, and visit the cemetery to put flowers on family members' graves [not necessarily in that order]. We've always hung a flag because my Papa was a SSG in the Army before he got out. He served in the states, Germany, and was in the Korean War. My family has always been somewhat patriotic, but like I said, I never really understood it all. I would like to purchase a flag to hang at our house. I think the best way we can honor fallen soliders is to remember what they were fighting for and to continue to support our service members, whether we believe in the war we're fighting or not. Nothing irritates me more than people who are incredibly against our presence in the Middle East and don't support our troops. It doesn't matter why we're there (at least, not now anyway), what matters is that we support the men and women who are risking their lives to protect us.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!


Semi-Wordless Wednesday at the Beach

It may not be Wednesday where most of you are, but it still is here in Hawaii! =) Sorry, I've been MIA. My BIL is here and we've been hanging out with him. So, if I'm not back for a few days, don't worry! I'm probably at the beach. =)

Waimea Bay, aka Heaven on Earth. =)

Happy Hump Day!! 


Get To Know You Sunday

This is one of the very few things I participate in. I saw it on a lot of the blogs I read and figured it'd be a good way for my new readers to get to know me a little better! That, and it's an easy post...and I like for Sundays to be lazy. =) If you'd like to join up, head over to MannLand5, copy the questions, post your answers and link up!

 The questions...

1. Do you have a fetish?
Hmmmm, not really. I suppose I do have a thing for flip flops though. I may or may not have an ungodly amount of them in my closet...

2. Do you sing in the shower?
I did when I was younger, but not so much anymore. Unless, I'm at home by myself and have a song stuck in my head. In that case, I might, but it's not a regular kinda thing. 

3. Who was your first crush?
Ah, memories. My first crush was Colby in the 2nd grade. I thought he was the cutest boy ever, but alas, he already had a girlfriend. Lol!

4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?
I don't know if it's exactly a manly trait, but I love to see men who treat their wives with compassion. As we all know there are just days when compassion ain't happenin' but there is nothing more sweet than to see a man taking care of his wife [and children but I don't have any, so this is what you get]. 

5. Do you sleep naked?
Haha, no. My husband would love it if I did, but I just don't find it comfortable. I'd much rather sleep in a tshirt or tank top. 

6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?
Pick a wedgie. Ha! It's the one thing that will drive me batty if it's not "taken care of".

7. What's the first thing you do when you go online?
Check Facebook. Since I'm 5-6 hrs behind the rest of my friends and family, I usually wake up to 6-12 notifications. Time to get caught up! Then I load blogger, and check my email. Priorities, people! =)

8. Summer is.....?
 The best time of year. Carefree, warm days and cool nights, going to the beach, hanging out at the pool, grilling burgers, fireworks, and celebrating my birthday. =)

Happy Sunday!!



Where's My Gun?!

Warning: This post contains anger, frustration and confusion.

There, you've been warned. Don't say I didn't tell you.
After what feels like a half a bazillion phone calls, I feel like I need to go shoot something or someone. Though, I'm not sure who I'd shoot. Maybe the people who are "in charge" and are supposed to coordinate things. I'm new at this Army wife thing, but I'd always assumed {and yes, I know what that means...} that the military was - wait for it - organized! You'd think that an organization that has the ability to deploy X number of troops overseas at the same time would have the brains to be able to coordinate a simple, smooth OCONUS PCS. Alas, I am mistaken. Why? Because apparently, the military like to contract civilians for PCS-related things. And this is where my problems are.

Two completely different moving/storage companies are responsible for my HHG and Unaccompanied Baggage. And Lord knows how many different companies were responsible for them on their trek out here. I called transportation to ask about our unaccompanied baggage being delivered. Wanna know what I got? "Ok ma'am, let me give you the number to the moving company who is in charge of your goods. While I'm here, I'll give you the number for the other company that has your HHG." Um, what? What she should have said was "Ok, I have no idea where your goods are even though that's supposedly my job, so I'm going to give you the number for people that can actually help you." Grrrr. So, I called. Our unaccompanied baggage has been here for 2 weeks. 2 weeks. When can they deliver it? A week from today. WHAT?! So, I asked if there was any way we could get them delivered sooner because not only was his brother coming to visit, but I have no sheets, no towels, no pots and pans - nothing. And what's the best she can come up with? "Well, I can put you down for owner pick up..." *sigh* That's all fine and dandy, but I don't freakin' know if my car is going to be here or if it's going to be a rental!!!

Now for the car story. I called the VPC (Vehicle Processing Center) to see if they could tell me when our car will be here. I keep checking it online, and all it says is that the car is in the Honolulu Port. Well, that's awesome but that doesn't tell me much. When I called today, I got the same. dang. answer. "Well, your car is in the port but it hasn't been released to us from the carrier yet." Any idea when it will be released? "No. You should call back tomorrow."  Thanks for nothing!!!! So, I have a rental booked for tomorrow, but I don't know if we're actually going to need it! I certainly don't want to rent the car in the morning only to get a call later that our car has finally been released. Ugh.

I'm so irritated. I just want some definitive answers so I can make a decision or at least know what to expect. I suppose that, if nothing else, I will be in my own home tomorrow, free from the wacko housekeeping ladies and loud traffic. We are borrowing furniture from the Lending Closet until our HHG gets here [who knows when that will be]. I'm just ready for everything to be here so I can get situated.

I may not be posting for a few days because the cable guy isn't coming to set up the internet at our house until Tuesday. I'm hoping one of our neighbors has unprotected internet that we can "borrow" until we get our own, but if not don't worry about me, I'll just be busy getting situated!

Say some prayers for me! ♥ you guys!!! Thanks for letting me vent. =)

Happy Thursday! 
Anyone else freaking out about Grey's Anatomy's finale?!


The Bright Side of Life

About a month ago, my mantra was "I hate moving. I hate, hate, hate it." Moving is an absolute pain, whether you have to pack yourself or not {thank you, Army for not making me do it by myself!}. I'm sure I complained about it constantly. I was probably a pain to everyone because I talked about it a lot. Sorry, folks!

There is nothing convenient, easy, or fun about moving out of a place. Unless, of course, you absolutely hated where you were living. Even then it kind of stinks. All of your stuff gets packed up, shoved into a box, labeled [hopefully correctly labeled] and then shipped off to wherever the heck you're going. Translation? Live without the comforts of your home for at least a week. *sigh*

Today as I was emailing someone, I realized that I had found something that I actually liked about moving!!! It's ok, go ahead and gasp. =) I about did too. I like to decorate the new places we live!  I like to get out all our stuff and put it in different places. I like to think of what would look best where, what color curtains I should hang up, what pictures I should hang up or which ones should never return to the walls of our home. I like going through our things, even though I've probably seen it all at one time or another. There is nothing like the feeling that you've just made another new place your home. Seeing it cleaned after all those boxes are gone and everything is in its place...just makes me so infinitely happy. =)

I'm also thinking of getting some flowers to plant in the [incredibly bare] flower bed by the carport/front door. Our neighbors have flowers and it kind of makes our little house look so bare!  I've never really planted flowers before, so I'm a little excited about it. Though, there was my attempt at planting flower seeds in pots last summer...let's just say that I forgot to water them...all summer. Woops! Hopefully, I'll be better this time around! I've also been thinking about planting my own little garden. I'm not real sure about this because our backyard is teeny tiny, so I guess we'll just have to see about that one.

I wish we could move in tomorrow, but I do suppose we've only got one more day here. =) Hallelujah! Housekeeping is totally getting on my nerves. After calling up here last week and asking me what a more convenient time for me, they came this morning while I was still in my pjs!!! Ugh, seriously?!

Anyway. I also talked to the shipping company about our car earlier. Apparently our car is on the island. Yay! But, she told me to call back Friday or Monday because "it may not be there by then." What do you mean it may not be there?! I tried to ask why, but if you've never spoken to a Hawaiian, good luck getting a word in edgewise. She was telling me this and then she said "call back Friday/Monday around 10 a.m...." then she cut me off and said "is that all?" All I could think was "uh, yeah sure." Gah. Anyway, I'm a little upset because I was really hoping we weren't going to have to rent a car. It would save us over $100 if our car got here before we needed to rent one on Friday. *sigh* And, I would absolutely die if our HHG got here this weekend too. I'd love it if we didn't have to borrow furniture...seriously. I'm thankful for that option, but I'd really like to have my stuff back. Please and thank you!

So, please keep your fingers crossed [and send up some prayers] and maybe all will turn out well!

Happy Hump Day!! =D


PMS, I Hate You

This morning, my husband told me I looked like a Midol commercial. Yeah. *sigh*

It all started last night. Joe was tired, and after basically throwing me into the bathroom, I got ready for bed. Then, I come out 10ish minutes later...he's asleep. We're not talking the I've-been-dozing-for-a-bit kind of sleeping, but the peace-I'm-out kind of asleep. When we go to bed together, we always cuddle/spoon for a while before we fall asleep. It's our routine, and I love it. Anyway, mister sleepyhead was not waking up to cuddle. =( So, I thought I'd take advantage of the time and read for a bit. I read for maybe thirty minutes before turning out the light and trying to wake him up to roll over...again. This time? I rubbed his back, said his name several times and finally got a "wha..?" I asked him to roll over and he rolled over onto his back and I couldn't get him to say anything to me. He was still completely out. Grrrrr.

Then, I got mad. I mean like ready to scream and throw things mad. 5 seconds later, I'm crying - bawling my freakin' eyes out. Why? Because he fell asleep. I should have gotten to bed sooner. We only have so many nights together left. So, I just cried. I figured since I couldn't wake him up that me crying wasn't going to phase him in the slightest. At one point I thought,  I could be dying and he'd have no idea. Which is probably true. Since he's been in the Army, he's developed some serious sleeping habits, one of which is being able to sleep through just about anything. I cried, and cried, and cried. When I finally laid on my back to try to calm down, he woke up. He put his hand on my leg and asked what was wrong. I tried to explain it to him, but I'm sure he didn't get it. I felt stupid. I got want I wanted, but I still felt completely ridiculous.

And this morning when I attempted to apologize for last night's psychoness? What are you talking about?? Great. So I had to explain my crazy girl emotions again. Awesome. I think he wanted to laugh, but was a little afraid. Ha! So after the emotions, the oh-my-gosh-I'm-gonna-die cramps made their appearance. More awesome. Hence hubby's comment that I looked like a Midol commercial laying on the bed in the fetal position with my pjs on. *sigh*

Why is it that "that time of the month" is always accompanied with her friends - wacko emotions, cramps, bloating, fatigue, and weirdo cravings? Isn't it enough just to have to deal with "Aunt Flo"? I mean, come on!!!!! Reason #1 I'm ticked at Eve for taking that first bite. She cursed us all!!!!! Lol!

On a side note, I've decided that I've seriously fallen off the workout bandwagon. I've got to get back on track before I become some squishy beach bum! Hopefully, I'll be able to get to the gym near our new house and get back to doing Pilates. I really do miss doing Pilates. Running? Not so much. I know that I need to though. My legs and knees have been killing me, which I'm sure is caused by the lack of workouts.

Also, I'm still looking for ideas to add to my "Things to Accomplish While Joe's Gone" list. Any suggestions would be great!!!

Happy Tuesday!
3 more days 'til we move in!! Woohoo!!



I'm In Love

With the beach. I thought it was official before, but now I'm certain. =)

We spent the whole weekend with our friends Mrs. C and her hubby (also named Joe). Yesterday afternoon, we headed to the beach and parked it in the sun for a while! It was fantastic. Pretty sure I could have stayed there all day reading, giggling with the hubby, and watching [and listening to] the waves roll in. *swoon* Not exactly sure what the name of the beach is, but it's really close to Mrs. C's house which is super handy for them. =P But, we could see the Honolulu skyline from the beach, which was pretty cool.

Here are a few pictures from the beach.

Ah, the beach. *swoon*

Toes in the sand, a book in my hand - I'm a happy girl. =)

My Joe trying to put his towel down on the sand, but with the crazy wind, it wasn't going so well. Had to get a shot of that! ;-)

Viola! Mission accomplished! =)

What? You thought only women did this? Nope!

So, after our wondermous afternoon on the beach, I got some great news!!! My bestie is definitely coming to Hawaii for my birthday in July!!!! =D She booked her tickets while we were talking this afternoon [via Skype, of course] and I am super, super excited!!! If Joe has to be gone on my birthday [and let's face it, there's no other option], then I'm glad I get some bestie time. =) I mean, yeah, I'd rather spend it with my hubby but since I don't get a say in the matter the next best choice is Melissa. So, yay! We'll get in some crafty time, definitely lots of beach time, and maybe a little bit of sight-seeing. I can't wait! {Ok, well, I kinda can since Joe won't be here, but you get the idea...right?} Maybe with a little bit of bestie time I can make it through the first part of the D word.

I'm also thinking of making a list of things that I should want need to do while Joe's gone. Any ideas/suggestions would be great! 

Hope you've had a great Monday!


Get To Know You

Apparently, Sunday in blog land is "Get to Know You Sunday." Who knew? =) I've been seeing this on almost all the blogs I read every Sunday, so I figured it was time to join up.

The questions..

1. The most expensive thing hanging in my closet is.....?
Hmmm. Most likely my wedding dress. Even though I don't have it or my closet for it to be hanging in. But, if we had moved in and actually had  a closet, that would be the most expensive thing. =)

2. Have you ever played a team sport?
Yeah, for about 2 seconds. I attempted to play basketball in 6th grade. It was an epic FAIL.

3. If you were a bug, what kind would you be?
A butterfly. Definitely a butterfly. They're cute and they get to flutter from flower to flower all day. =)

4. Where on your body is the worst place to get sunburned? (thanks Ian)
Either your back or your butt. I did that once in a tanning bed. OUCH! Let's just say that spending 10 minutes in a fake-bake bed is entirely too much for pasty redheads.

5. Are you happy?
Yes, I am. =) I have a tendency to have the sad moments since the D word is coming up so quickly, but when I'm busy or hanging out with friends/my hubby, I'm happy. How could you be upset here?!

6. People are always abbreviating..are there any abbreviations that make your skin crawl when people use them?
Probably text abbreviations. People that use them when they're typing...constantly. How hard is it to actually type what you want to say?!

7. Do you love where you live..or could you live anywhere?
Yes, I do love where I live! How could you not love living in warm, sunny, Hawaii?! Although, I will say that the traffic sucks and it's difficult to get anywhere. But, I'd take traffic in Hawaii over traffic anywhere else any day! I'm sure there are a lot of places that I wouldn't want to live, but who knows where else the Army will take us. If they take us to one of those places, I guess I'll just have to deal with it!

8. What, if any, extreme measures do you go to to keep yourself from overeating when you're full?
I don't think I go to any extreme measure to keep from overeating. I'll put my napkin on the plate, give the rest to my hubby, or [if I'm home] get up and put my plate in/near the sink. I'm usually pretty good at controlling my appetite. Usually. Not always. ;-)

Hope you've enjoyed learning a little more about me! Head over to MannLand5 to get the questions, link up and find other blogs. I'd love to learn more about you too!
Hope you've all had a great weekend! You'll be hearing...er, reading...about mine tomorrow! =D



Awards, and Stickies, and Flights [Oh My!]

First things first, I have an award to share! Two lovely lady bloggers gave this award to me! A huge thanks to Jamie at Stuck in a World of Blue and Camo and Chantal at Chantal's Blog!! Y'all are awesome!

 Apparently, I have a "sweet blog"! Yay! =D

The only rules are to pass it along...which - as you know - is always the hardest part! I think I'll share with some new blogs. =)

2. Mrs. S @ The Adventures of Superman & Mrs. S
3. Sara @ Welcome to the Blog of an Army Wife
4. Shannon @ Fort Cox: An Airman, His Bride, & Our Westie

Whew! That was hard!

And now, for the stickies. My bestie has been trying to convince me for years - quite literally - to conform to her list making ways. So, this is my version. I love stickies. Every time I wonder into the office supplies section at WalMart, Target, etc, I have this insane urge to buy more post-its! I'm not sure what the obsession is, but I do use them. They can be found all over the desk, on the fridge, on the calendar, and sometimes on the mirror. I am forgetful. Stickies help me. They help me accomplish things too. =) Wanna see what's on my list of things to do? Of course you do! ;-)
PS- Thanks to Amber at The Survival Guide for the Young, Fabulous, and Newlywed for the website!!!

I seriously love stickies!!!! Ok, enough of that. =)

We I purchased my BIL's plane tickets yesterday! Ouch, says the bank account. Joe is super excited, and my BIL has already asked me what we should do while he's here. So it begins. =) I'm glad he's coming. I wish his fiance could come. I still want time with my hubby too, though. *sigh* I know what matters most is that I get time with him at all - and I will - but I guess...I'm getting freaked out about the D word again. I hate that it's always in the back of my mind. Grrrr, Army.

So, when we found out that Joe was getting [*gulp*] deployed my bestie and I started planning what to do and where to go on my birthday. Joe will be missing it by about 2 weeks. =( When I realized I would be alone on my birthday I got really upset. I don't usually take my birthday so seriously, but I think because I know I won't be spending it with him, it's now a big deal. Weird, huh? So, we thought about both of us going to CA because her grandpa lives there. I've never been to CA and she lived there for a while and then visited just about every year after that. She knows her way around. Good idea, right? Right. But, it's like $800 for me to get there and like $400 for her. Ouch, on my part. Then we got to really thinking. Or, I did. What if you came to Hawaii instead, Melissa? I could pay for half...it would beat paying $800 to go to CA. Come on, who gets the chance to visit Hawaii for basically nothing?! And off our brains went planning her trip to Hawaii. =) All that we need now is her hubby to say yes!! {Neither of us plan trips or spend over like $100 without ok-ing it through our hubbies. Don't judge =P; it's part of our beliefs that married couples should make decisions together.}

I am super excited and hope that her hubby will 'let' her come visit! We both sorta think he will, and I told her that I'd be mad at him if he didn't. Like he cares, but...hey, that's the only threat I've got! Lol!!! So, now that my next...two months[ish] are planned...what to do this weekend?

***P.S. Don't forget to go HERE and vote for my What Does It Mean? milspouse post!!

Happy Friday, y'all!


Home Sweet [New] Home

Guess where we went today?!?!! No ideas? I'll give you a hint:

That's right - our NEW HOME!!!!

We went at 9 this morning and ended up leaving here at like 0830 because we had to walk. =( If only you knew how far away housing was from our hotel. It took us about 20 mins to get there. Not cool. But, our housing guy wouldn't answer his phone and I didn't have their main number, so we walked.

We didn't have much time to view the house because Joe had a meeting at 1000 that we were informed of at the last minute, as usual. But, I have to say that I am in love. It's cute and cozy. Not huge, but we don't need anything really big so that's fine. We're going to be sandwiched in between to other duplex-like houses which could be interesting. It's not an apartment, so I am totally thankful for that. And for the first time since we've been married, we'll have a fenced in backyard!! Praise the Lord!! Jasper won't know what to do with himself when he gets here! =)

Alright, enough talkin'. I'll show you some pics of this fabulous house!

This is the mudroom. *swoon* The picture is taken from the kitchen, but as you can see, there's also an entry from the carport. {Note: our car has NEVER been in a garage/carport before. Woohoo!}

Kitchen. *happy sigh* Look at all that cabinet space! There's more to the right [along with the fridge] that you can't see. By this point, I was sold. =)

Living room. So. Stinkin'. Huge. I'm gonna have plenty of room in this place! =D

Bathroom. There's only one [in between the 2 bedrooms], but that's ok. Not a big deal.

Master Bedroom. Not that big, but it's about the same size as the one in GA. We can deal. The closet space is ridiculous though! I don't know how they expect 2 people to share that tiny excuse for a closet.

Guest bedroom. Isn't it cute?! Love it. 

Between the 2 bedrooms is a coat closet, a storage closet (which is gihugic!), and the bathroom. This place has more storage than I've ever seen! Which, I suppose makes up for those tiny closets in the bedrooms! I foresee his and hers closets in our very near future. =) We won't be able to move in for a week, though. =( I was hoping to be in there really soon, but I guess - as with everything in the military - it's the paperwork that's holding us up. 

And for an update on the "bright idea" my hubby had yesterday, we are going to fly his brother out here but not his fiance. I'm sad because I'd love to have her here too, but we can't afford it and neither can they. Such is life. At least he'll get to see his brother. Just so you don't think we're incredibly crazy, Joe hasn't seen his brother but for 2 days in a year. So, I get why he wants to see his brother. 

That's about all that's going on over here! I'll leave you with one more picture of our new neighborhood. =) Can't wait to actually live there!

Happy Thursday!!