Calling All Bloggers!

As most of you lovely milspouses know, the military can change its tune as often as we change clothes. I am currently experiencing this!!

Last night, I found out that the Army processed Joe's R&R paperwork... But, they used the wrong dates. So, my hubby is coming home way earlier than we expected! I was planning on sending out a request for guest bloggers anyway, but I had no idea I'd need them so soon!

I would love, love, love to have some of you ladies write up a post for me so that my blog isn't all sad, lonely and neglected while my husband is home. =) As you know, R&R is 2 weeks (roughly 14 days) and I'd like to have about 10 days' worth of posts while I'm gone. {You guys can live without me on the weekends, right!?} As of right now, 5 ladies have already offered to step in for me while I'm gone.

So, if you would like to write up a post for me I'll need you to comment on this post, just so I'll know. Then, you can write a post using these guidelines:

1. What was your best/worst Christmas?
2. What are your family's Christmas traditions? Do you know how they started?
3. Tell the story of your worst Christmas card photo ever. Those are usually hilarious. =)
4. Any other random Christmas post you can come up with. =P

Once you write up your post, send it to me in an email (the address is under my bio) along with your name and link to your blog. That's it!! I'll need to posts ASAP, so if you want to do it please let me know!! I will also email you back with the date yours will be posted so that you can link to it on your blog that day.

Hope you're having a fantabulous weekend!


  1. I just emailed you my post! I'm sooooo excited for you!!!!!! Now get off of here...and get busy women!

  2. Hey you :P Want me to write something? Since you guest blogged for me once and all! I can write a post about Christmas in Hawaii ;)

  3. Hey girl! I got your message about posting, but I see you might already have all your bloggy people! If you still need a post, just let me know! :-)

  4. Hi,

    I sent you an email with a blog post, however if you already have enough people I will not be offended if I'm not "published", lol. I know I'm late, just figured I'd give it a shot in case there was another spot open.

    I'm so happy for you with R+R, enjoy it and tell us all about it! We want details, girl, haha, I'm kidding. Kind of....

    hahahaha, talk soon,


  5. Oh I have the perfect story. I'm going to email you!