Fall Foto Contest: Week Seven

Yay for more photos this week!! 

Thank you for entering your photos and keeping it going!

Here are this week's lovely entries:

Photo by Rebecca

Photo by Jessica

Photo by SLM

Photo by Erin

And just for fun, I'll show you a picture I "borrowed" from a friend.

 This was taken on the campus where Joe and I went to college.
Makes me miss home (and college...) a little bit.

Alrighty, now it's time for the voting!

Just check out the poll on the right sidebar and vote for your favorite photo!

Thanks again to the ladies who entered! 

I may not email you back, but I DO love your photos!

Happy Voting. =)


  1. beautiful! Makes me wish AZ had seasons other than warm, hot and hotter :)

  2. I'm so bummed that my computer has crashed and I can't get to any of my pictures to submitt:( Loved all the pics this week!!!! I'm off to vote now:)

  3. I really wish we got all these fall colors here in Texas. Are trees go from green to brown. There's never an inbetween with these gorgeous colors.

  4. i love them all...its not fall here anymore..its snow!

  5. I vote for...Erin. Erin, Erin, Erin...sorry got carried away. But her photo is beautiful!

  6. Thank you for posting my photo!! I forgot to blog about it but I did tonight, here's the link :-)


  7. These ones are so unique!!! And Jenn... go up north, I lived in AZ my whole life, fall is pretty up there =)