Flashback Friday/Father's Day

Seems like now that Father's Day was nearly a week ago, it's safe to blog about. ;-) LOL. Hashtag life is crazy.

We had a laid-back Father's Day around here. Doughnuts for breakfast. Gifts for Daddy. {Charlotte actually told him "happy Father's Day!" With some help from me, of course. But still. Priceless.} Church. Lunch. Facetime and phone calls to our dads. Daddy's favorite homemade dinner. Donezo.

Many thanks and kudos to our church, who set up photo booths for Mother's Day and Father's Day! Free pictures of all of us?! Yes, please! Because, really, getting all 4 of us in a picture is rare. Rare.


On Father's Day, I went through some old pictures my mom sent me about a week ago. I found some pretty awesome gems...and some pretty yikes-factor ones. Haha! Such is life, right? Some of my favorite pictures of me as a toddler are of me and my Papa. I suppose partially because my mom and I lived with them for a while after my mom and "real" dad got divorced. We've always been fairly close, so I tend to have a sort of fondness for any pictures of us. Anyway. I love, love, love these:

Naps on the couch -- about 2 weeks old

Coloring -- 1 year old 
(give or take a few months)

Stories on the Stairs -- 2-3 years old

That last one is one of my absolute favorites. I don't remember this picture being taken, but I absolutely remember sitting on the stairs with him listening to his stories. And, oh, he told the best stories! When my brother and I were a little older, we would spend the weekend with them on occasion (they lived about 2 hours away then).  Every night before bed, Papa would tell us stories about all the creatures that lived in Nana's garden. (She always had a huge flower garden.) Eventually, my mom had him or Nana record him telling us stories, and then she typed them out. I have a few copies of them, and I'm actually considering doing something with them so my girls can enjoy them, too. But that's beside the point. Those stories on the stairs - and the weekends we spent at Nana and Papa's house - are some of my fondest childhood memories.


  1. The pictures are adorable! Looks like you all had an awesome father's day!

  2. What precious photos. YAY for your church setting up a photo booth. Mine has done that a few times too. You have a beautiful family, Sarah. And I love that last one too. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  3. Love the picture of all 4 of.you! And looking through old pictures is the best!

  4. I love love love these old pictures! Those captured moments are priceless. My favorite is the last one too, because your sweet little face is so caught up in watching him! LOVE it. Oh, and total awesomesauce points to your church for setting up photo booths - that is a perfect idea!