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I opened my Etsy shop about a month ago. I kept it a secret at first because I was waiting on things to get rolling with this new blog of mine. I suppose I really should have done that awesome giveaway right when I got my new blog up and running, but...I don't even think it crossed my mind at the time. Whoops. That's mommy brain for you!

I had a blast hosting the giveaway, and I'm super excited to send some goodies to a reader of mine. :) Goodies in the mail always brightens my day, and I'm sure it will brighten hers as well. 

I guess that's part of the reason I wanted to open a shop in the first place. I have an ability to create things - albeit simple things - and to maybe, hopefully brighten someone's day while also earning a little extra money. I'd be lying if I said income wasn't a reason to do this. I enjoy sewing and creating, and I know there are people who want to purchase cute, handmade items. I know that I do! (Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop online! )

I want my brand new, little business to be a success. I'm not hoping to be an overwhelming success overnight; I know that is unrealistic. But I want to create. I want to sell. I want to send cute pouches and goodies to people who want them, and send some love to others who need/want it.

So far (and I know it's still early!) I haven't been successful. (I was going to say "I haven't been very successful" but that would imply some success, and that just ain't the truth right now.) There are a bunch of things that I want to do and can't just yet. For instance? 

I want to buy all the cute fabric! I find myself looking at fabric all the time, and wanting to buy pretty much all of it. So many possibilities! But the reality is I can't afford to buy more fabric until I make some sales.

I think of new things to sell constantly. Really. 

The biggest thing that I really, really, really want to do? I'm itching to have an IG/flash sale. I follow a few other Etsy shop owners on IG who have pretty good success with them. I think it would be super fun to host, and make a whole bunch of things for! I'm just not sure I could commit to making a slew of items without knowing how successful it will be, if at all.

Opening this shop is very exciting for me and I'm trying to not get ahead of myself. I want to do a lot, and I know that these things take time. But, gosh. I'm so impatient.

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  1. Yes, patience is key! Easy actually says for new shops to give themselves an average of 3 months before making their first sale. I think it took mine about 2 months. Utilize this waiting time. Write down your ideas for new projects so that you don't forget them. Become creative with the materials you do have. And promote promote promote. The Easy community is what really helped me at first. I'm eventually going to write a post about how I was able to be successful in my first year. I think some of the things I did might be a help to those just starting out.