Sometimes I feel like I'm still stuck in the rut of weight loss. Like I'm doing okay but not seeing results.  Even though I don't feel like I've lost much, I know that my clothes are fitting better and I'm feeling better. So, Friday, I decided it was time for an updated photo. I don't know about you, but I need a good visual sometimes. It's like I need proof that something's really happening. And I'll let you be the judge...

A very nice, not-so flattering front shot.

The side shot, which I think is always more telling.

The verdict?

DANG.  My jaw literally dropped when I uploaded the new pictures. Literally. Like I-have-to-show-someone-NOW awesome. I couldn't believe it!!

Even though I actually gained a pound this week (I don't want to talk about it...), I've lost 10 overall. 10 pounds in roughly 2 months. That's 5 pounds a month, and about 1 pound a week. Holy. Cow.

How is this possible? Honestly? It's all God's doing. I haven't changed much about my diet...except that I'm trying my absolute hardest not to overeat and to rely on God. I still eat many of the same foods I did before. I just don't stuff myself with them [all the time]. I admit that I have moments where I give in and eat something I shouldn't or too much of something. I'm only human. BUT, I am trying. 

I'm working out more than I did before. Still usually 3-4 days a week. Lately I've been slacking on the workouts because my asthma is giving me trouble. Actually, it's Hawaii that's causing the problems. Vog {volcanic fog/haze/ash junk} has been in full force lately, thanks to the winds coming from the Big Island. It's tough to breathe through and makes me more likely to have an attack, even with the meds I'm taking. Anyway, long story short, it affects my ability to workout. I've been sticking with Pilates, but not much extra cardio is happening. 

I'm still doing Bible Study daily. Or trying to do it daily. I admit that I sometimes fail at that, too. It's hard! Especially with a baby going through a growth spurt and needing Mommy more often than usual.  I haven't picked up Made to Crave in a while, either. I should probably get on that.

See, the thing is... I'm not perfect. I know, newsflash. I'm not perfect. I can't do it all. I can't lose weight and kick overeating on my own. But God can do it in and through me. And that's what I'm trying to do - let Him work in me, so that He can use me to do...other things, whatever He wants me to do. It's not about the weight loss {although that's a great perk!}, working out, or following a specific diet plan. It's about God and what He's doing. I know without a doubt that I wouldn't have lost 10 pounds and curbed my eating habits if it weren't for Him and my "sisters" keeping me accountable. 

So that's it. My awesome, awesome news and progress. And I'm going to try my absolute hardest not to gain any weight while we're in NC for Christmas.... It's gonna be tough.


  1. Great job!! You're looking good!

  2. You look great! Good job. :)

  3. I know you can do it! You're doing great!!

  4. I'm super-impressed! The side shot really does show a major change. I have been stuck, just plain stuck for weeks now. Then I hopped on the scale this morning and it showed a 3lb loss! I did a little dance. ;) It's not much (and nowhere near close to where I need to be), but it's something! Good luck to both of us over Christmas! Always a tough month for weight loss..