Saying "See Ya Later"

It's tough, isn't it? Whether it's to family, friends, or our husbands saying "see ya later" just never seems to get any easier. 

This weekend, our closest friends left the island. While I'm so happy that they're going to be able to see family and will be much closer to them once they get to their next post, it's still difficult to see them go. They were our first friends here and they've stuck with us ever since. 

I actually found Mrs. C through her blog while we were still living in GA. {Surprised? Yeah, me neither.} We "met" via a phone call because we were having some Army-related paperwork struggles with our move. Her hubby was able to give Joe some advice which was golden. We sent several emails back and forth talking about moving and Hawaii.

After Joe and I got to Hawaii and settled into lodging, we were finally able to meet up! They picked us up at the hotel and took us out for dinner. All 4 of us clicked right away, which is really rare. After dinner, they invited us to get out of the hotel and stay with them for the night. I know what you're thinking, and looking back I still can't believe we did this! We ended up staying the weekend with people we'd never met before...and people we met online. =P I think all of us were a little bit crazy!

Mrs. C and I. I'm pretty sure this was the weekend we met. I could be wrong, though.

The Joes. :)

All of us just outside Margaritaville in Waikiki!

It's crazy to think all we've been through together in nearly 3 years. My Joe deployed. Mrs. C helped me unpack the rest of the house after Joe left. She kept me company frequently while he was gone. They invited me to church with them, for dinner...kept Jasper for me/us several times. Oh! We locked ourselves out of the house one day and had to pull boards off the fence... And then Mrs. C broke the screen door on the patio! That was a fun afternoon! She took pics of us when he came home for R&R. And I'm fairly certain we all hung out while Joe was home, but I don't quite remember it.

Holidays. Birthdays. Pregnancies. Births. Girls and guys nights. So many things.

Our girls. 1 month & 8 months.

Charlotte thinks Mrs. C's hubby is hilarious!

I'm glad that we were able to spend a few days/nights together before they left. I know it's difficult getting out and about with a newborn! 

Daddies & daughters = melty mama hearts.

I know it isn't the end - we'll see them again, even if we have to make an extra effort now that the Army has separated us. But it sure is tough to think about them not being nearby during our last few months on the island...and then again when we move to GA.

So much happens in just a few years' time... The ending of our time here in Hawaii turned out to be a little bittersweet after all.


  1. That's the tough part about the military, saying goodbye. Especially to close friends!

  2. It's always hard saying goodbye to good friends. At least you will all stay in touch and you never know you may end up in the same place again. :)

  3. Awe I know that's rough. I am going through that now with Mrs.K... Its hard to say goodbye but staying in touch helps a lot.

  4. How sweet is your blog?? My brother is in the military so I have an extra soft spot for Military Wives :) Goodbyes are just the worst, even when we know we are going to see them again... it's that time in between when it's just not the same without them.
    Thanks for sharing your heart!

    I found you through the blog hop, following you now, keep up the great blog work :)

  5. It is hard saying bye or see you later when you make such great friends! Your girls are beautiful!

    I found you through Taingamala: Wednesday Walkabout. I will keep following along :)