I don't know about all of you, but I'm slightly addicted to this thing called Pinterest. Usually I just browse around for pretty things. Photos, jewelry, dresses, pretty rooms I'll never be able to have.... You know, things like this:

Or this...

Source: shopbop.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Or this.

I know a lot of people also pin a lot of food. I gotta say, it all looks good....but who has the time to try all those recipes?! Ok, I have the time...but I seriously hate buying 10 items I never use just to try one stinkin' recipe. Who's with me?! Anyway. =P The other day, I was browsing around and I found this.

A recipe - or directions, rather - for taco bowls!! You know, the things your taco salad at Mexican restaurants come in. Yeah, those. They're so yummy and huge.... =) Well, I found this and decided I'd try it out. They didn't turn out as perfect as I'd hoped, but it definitely did the trick.

I used regular sized tortillas and they turned out a little bit awkward shaped. There wasn't enough room in what should have been the bottom for all the taco filling. And the bottom also didn't get as crispy as the rest. I think next time I'll try lowering the temperature and leaving them in the oven just a little bit longer. I may even use smaller tortillas. Imperfect as they were, it was still a pretty tasty dinner. Just gotta tweak the recipe/directions a bit. =)

Now that I've made myself hungry, I think I'll go have a snack. Hope y'all are having a great week!


  1. I can spend HOURS on Pinterest! It's so addicting!

  2. we eat them like that all the time. you can actually buy the taco salad kits with all the other tortillas. it is octagon shaped paper bowls and you put them together and lay the tortilla over it and it forms it to it in the oven..

    Taco salads are my favs...

  3. Oh I love Pinterest! I find myself pinning for hours when I'm at work!

  4. Oh you're not alone. It's so addicting! I love that swimsuit. And the watch!!! I need it. Lol.

  5. I'm also newly Pinterest obsessed. And I pin ALL sorts of foods, but I haven't tried any yet. Great job with the taco bowls!

  6. Thanks for linking to My Week On Pinterest!

    Those tortialls look so yummy! I LOVE taco salads and now that I'm feeling better I think I will have to try this :)