Kickin' the Block

Writer's block, that is. {Or blogger's block, whichever you prefer.} Clearly, I've had a touch of this lately. Joe has technically gone back to work, but since we're still in the block leave period there's not much "work" to be done. He goes in for PT in the morning and comes home. So basically, he's getting leave without having to take more leave. A plus for all involved, wouldn't you say? I would. =) I love that we're getting more time together.

We honestly haven't done all that much since we got back on the island. We did get season passes to Wet N Wild, and we've been twice since then. I think we've been to the beach once... =P And last week (or the week before...my days/weeks run together now) we went down to Honolulu so Joe could get the process started on owning pistols here. The process is ridiculous even though he technically purchased the pistols from the military. The were shipped here {to what I think might be the only gun store on the island. I could be wrong though.} and then he had to have a memo to take to the gun store - and later the police department - stating that he has had gun training and therefore doesn't need to take a safety class. So we went to the gun store to pay the outrageous shipping fees and to see the guns. Then, we had to go to the police department so he can get a permit. Then you wait like a week before your background check and permit goes through. I think we have to to back to the police department to get the permit, then to the gun store and then to the police department again to register the guns. Ugh. Do you know what the process is in Oklahoma? Take a safety course. Buy a gun. Maybe there's another step in there. But it's far less complicated. Freakin' blue state. ;-)

So yeah, other than that we've basically been hermits...which is usually okay with me. It's even better now that I'm not a hermit by myself. Haha! And we've started watching LOST again which is always fun. =)

Today, though, we did do something fun. Well, fun for me anyway. I'm not sure Joe enjoyed it very much. =P Do you remember the couch I told you a few weeks ago that we might get? We were on a waiting list for it and weren't sure if we were going to stick with it or not. Well...yesterday they finally called and told us they had one for us! Unfortunately we had to drive all the way to the other side of the island to pay for it, but... Next week, this lovely piece of furniture will be in our living room! =D

I'm seriously excited about it! I think Joe is happier that we got the couch for about $200 less than it was originally priced than the fact that we're getting a new couch. It was really just a big bonus for me. =) And on our way home, we stopped to get some extra pillows for our extra big couch. I can't wait to snuggle up on it! So much room... And it'll be even better when we have friends over - more seating! =D And don't worry, you'll definitely see pictures once it arrives.

So, that's what we've been up to. Sadly there's not much to report. Maybe things will get more interesting around here when Joe goes back to work. Or at least I'll get back into a routine of blogging again. One can only hope!


  1. I get bloggers block from time to time as well! I think its my brain telling me to let it rest so that good ideas can come forward. Thats what I tell myself anyway! I loooove that couch...I want one!

  2. I think that's a great couch! That's awesome that you guys are getting it! Welcome back to blogging!

  3. I adore that couch. Did you get it at the Exchange if you don't mind me asking? Our next big purchase will be a couch and that one looks excellent!