Fun Delivery

I'd say "fun mail" but what got dropped off at our house yesterday wasn't mail. It was very nice though. =)

In case you can't tell, this is our new couch!!! I waited half the day for them to deliver it too. Anyway... At first I thought it wasn't the right one because of the covering they used for it. Fortunately the delivery guys were very nice and one of them made sure to show me that it was, in fact, the right color. Then I had to wait the rest of the day for my husband to get home and for one of his friends from work to come over and help with it.

As you can see, we also still have our other couch. We put it up on Craigslist after we ordered the new one and have barely gotten a bite. One military couple said they were interested, but they thought we lived on the other end of the island. I guess once they found out where we lived they were no longer interested because they never got back with us about coming to see it. Grrr. Then another guy {who had the worst grammar ever} totally low-balled our price. He was such a jerk that we didn't even bother emailing him back. So, here we are...with two couches and really only enough room for one. If you know anyone on the island who wants a couch, have them email me!!!! Anyway, I'm sure you'd much rather see the couch than read my rambles. =P

This was last night before we went to bed. Clearly this couch is Jasper - approved. ;-)

Ta-da! The new couch!! We had no idea when we ordered it that it would come with pillows...so I went out and bought more from Ross. So now we have a ton of pillows. =P Oh well. It does make it look more comfy, though, doesn't it? I think so anyway. We were going to push the couch up against the wall under the window, but it would make everything off center. Especially the pictures I hung so carefully on the wall. And it'd probably make watching TV a little awkward too. So we're probably going to put a small table or something behind the couch so it doesn't look so weird.  A new couch after 3 years of the other is definitely a little different, but I'm liking it. I really like the way it looks in here. Well, without the mess on the other side of the room anyway...

The couch in the space where the DVD rack usually hangs out...

And the DVD rack is in between the entertainment center and desk. Eeeeek! I absolutely hate this, but it's really our only option until we sell the couch...which I'm praying will be soon. The perfectionist in me can't handle this situation for very long.

Maybe I'll try taking naps on my new, comfy couch to block out the mess on the other side of the room. =P

So what do y'all think of our new couch?!


  1. I would so love that couch!! we have an "L" shaped couch but I love yours way better! lucky girl!!

  2. Oh I'd kill for a new couch! Maybe when we move!

  3. I love the couch!!! Great choice!

  4. Loving the new couch! It looks awesome and oh so comfy!

  5. I love your new couch. We're looking into getting a new one, too!

  6. The new couch looks great!!! We are still trying to get rid of our old couch as well, its taking up too much room in our front room!!

  7. love the couch it look perfect!! I am so jealous. You did a really good job at picking it out, im not suprised you have awesome taste!

  8. Love the couch! I never thought I'd want a sectional but we LOVE ours now, plenty of room for us and the dogs! :)

  9. I love your new couch! It looks great! Hopefully, someone will buy your old one and you can have the room back again!