Operation: Pretty House: Complete!

Well, as complete as it can be at the moment. =) After mentioning all the goodies I got in the mail yesterday, I thought I should share what the house is looking like these days.

Before I started on the house stuff, I had a few errands to run. The most important of these being a "pedicure" for Jasper. =P His nails were really long and I decided it'd be a nice thing to do before Joe got home. Plus, I have a scrape on my shin from his long nails. I realized today that I don't notice his nails are long until they're really long and needing to be cut. Oh well. Anyway, the poor guy was traumatized. =( When the girl took him back to get his nails clipped, you would have thought she was dragging him off to prison. He "put on the brakes" and didn't want to go anywhere. It didn't really help that she was pulling on the leash and he doesn't respond well to that. After seeing that, my heart was already broken. When she retrieved him for me about 15 minutes later, I was told that he got really nervous {shocker} and secreted his anal glands? Um, ok... I'm actually surprised he didn't pee everywhere. When he came out and saw me, I could almost hear him say, "Oh, thank goodness you're here!" =) I really didn't mean for that to be a traumatizing experience... I think both of us are glad it's over.

After all my errands, I came home and put the finishing touches on the living room. Really all I did was hang a couple pictures and adjust things. You guys haven't seen it in a while, so I'm sure it will look different to you.

I am really loving everything I got and the way it just fell together. Annie was kind enough to let me go through her collection of Americana things that she didn't want anymore. And I was happy to take some of it home with me! From her I got pictures that I hung over the couch, the plate on the ledge {by the "America" sign} and the basket on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf. Everything else {other than the pillow cases and coasters} is from Etsy and Hobby Lobby. =) Oh, and the top left picture is of the new things I put up in the kitchen. They're so cute I just had to share!

The only thing I'll change - at some point - is the color of the frames over the couch. They don't really match, but it'll do for now. Other than that, I'm really pleased with everything. It feels so nice to be done with it. Also, the Americana theme feels very cozy and homey - to me, anyway. I would say that I really hope Joe likes it, but I have a feeling he's going to. Besides, what's he going to tell me to do - take it all down?! Suuuure. ;-)

So what do y'all think?!


  1. I love your decorating theme!! I had to ban myself from Hobby Lobby (again) so I didn't go crazy with the stuff they put out for Fourth of July, haha :)

  2. I love love LOVE your shelf! The room looks great :)

  3. I think it looks great! I hope he likes it!

  4. I keep checking back to see if you've written a "HE'S HOME" post yet!! I'm waiting on pins and needles with you...you're so close!! :)

  5. I like it! I've thought about Americana decor and we have some... but it usually gets put in a hallway (if we have one) now it's in our bedroom because the owners painted the walls blue!

  6. I love it! And I have to admit you inspired me to use a similar theme in our living room :)