Final Countdown

This deployment is really almost over. I swear it is. I wish it felt like it was though!! Maybe I'm too overwhelmed by all of the ups and downs of the last few days to relish in the reality that my husband is actually coming home. 

Friday night I got word that they pushed back his flights and homecoming ceremony by about 24 hours. Of course there was a glitch. Of course! Because nothing I want to do ever works out.

Oh, you want to spend Christmas with your husband? Sorry, he's coming home 2 weeks early. Oh, you want your deployment sister to take fabulous photos at your homecoming ceremony? Well, how about we just postpone his ceremony to the same day and time her parents get in. How does that sound?

Friday night and Saturday morning I hated the Army. And everyone - including my own husband - thought it'd be appropriate to say something along the lines of "what did you expect from the Army?" Not okay, people. Why? I'll tell you why. Because for once I wanted to do something nice for myself and my husband. I wanted to have more pictures of us, considering we've had zero for the last YEAR. I wanted to do something special to welcome him home. So, no, it's not okay to tell me "that's the way it is" or "things like this happen" or "that's the Army for you." {End rant}

After several phone calls on Saturday, I finally started to feel a little better. Then, Annie decided to ask our mutual friend, Jennifer, to take photos. And guess what?! She agreed!!! =D So I still get to have photos taken. Whew. Big weight off of my shoulders. The only thing I'm concerned about now is the time of the ceremony. There's another one not too long before his....and I'm worried about when I should get there, parking, seating, etc. I'm really hoping they'll get combined because it's a little ridiculous.

Today was a busy day, which is good because it left little time for me to think...or worry. =P I went to church this morning as usual...made Father's Day calls before and after church...and came home to chilll for a while. Annie came over this afternoon to help me hang up my sign, a star banner for the door and a vinyl sign for my living room. I meant to take pictures of the homecoming decorations but forgot before the sun went down. I'll try to share them tomorrow. Sadly, you can't see the vinyl sign. It has our last name on it...which I don't put on the blog. However, it does look pretty awesome. I'm hoping that with these projects I can convince my super-awesome hubby to buy me a Silhouette. ;-) 

Tomorrow I am going to clean aaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll day. Yay me! {sarcasm} There's not really that much to do, but given my laziness and the distraction that the TV {and Drop Dead Diva} provides it might actually take that long. 

I promise you'll get a homecoming post soon. =) Believe me, I'm more anxious about it than all of you!


  1. after I sent you that tweet I knew you weren't going to take it the way I intended. I'm sorry I was one of those people adding to your frustration! I hope all the scheduling works out in your favor. Hugs girl!

  2. That was one good thing about our homecoming. I was so busy with getting our stuff settled into the apartment, it just suddenly became 'The Day.'

    I would say get there early. We got there about a half-hour to an hour early and it was pretty packed already. I can't wait to see pictures!

  3. I hope everything goes well!!! If Jennifer hadn't been able to take photos, I would have. =) Can't wait to see your homecoming pics~

  4. Well that's great that it worked out and you've got someone to take photos still!