Almost There...

I have never been more excited about anything in my life! I'm so ready for him to be here! Though I can't tell you when he will be here {nor am I even 100% sure}, I can show you this:

Vertically challenged... Yes, I'll take that!! =D As you can clearly see, homecoming is close. I spent the better portion of my weekend prepping the house and other things for his return. Friday I did a lot of cleaning. I also made a run to the PX and ended up getting a bunch of groceries from the commissary. When I went in, the place was overrun with people so I decided to get what I could think of while I was there. And of course, 2 days later I have another big list of things to get. It also doesn't help that tomorrow is payday! I may wait a couple of days before I brave the commissary again... It was a nightmare last time. Anyway! Saturday I woke up angry because of stupid dreams I had. It's really not fun dreaming that your husband is home...and then that you're pregnant...and then waking up and realizing none of that happened. *sigh* I turned my anger into productivity though and made myself a clutch!!

I am SO loving it!! I bought the fabric last month while I was home and just fell in love with it. Good thing too because it was $15 a yard!! But, it's a bigger yard because it's that decorator {thicker, durable comes in larger bolts} fabric. LOVE. And since I made the clutch a lot bigger than the wallet I made last week, I have room for 3 card slots. This is just perfect!! I have room for my keys, phone, sunglasses and a mirror! Love, love, love. =)

Yesterday after church, I headed over to Annie's house. She has had a Silhouette for like ever and hadn't figured out how to use it yet. I was all too willing to help because I am literally dying to own one. I can't tell you how many times I've entered giveaways on craft blogs for one. Still waiting on that big WIN to happen. Anyway, we had a great time even though I spent 9 bazillion years on her computer downloading fonts...

And it took us over an hour to get dinner!!! We were both mega-hungry by the time we could pick up our pizza. Once we got food in us and watched the season finale of Army Wives, we were both much happier. 

Someone was very excited about her Bradley Cooper Hangover 2 cup from 7-11. Haha!!! 

Today was a seriously productive day as well. As a result, I feel more like an actual wife than I have in a year. Joe needed new uniforms, so I got to go to MCSS {clothing and sales} to get them. =) Then, I bought stuff to make signs for the house... I also found the perfect pair of shoes to wear to homecoming!!! Annie can tell you that I've been searching for them for a while. I knew if I held out for the right pair, they'd show up!! I got what I wanted for almost exactly the price I wanted to pay. And, no, you can't see them. =P My homecoming outfit is a surprise! 

After all of the errand running, Annie was kind enough to let me use her Silhouette again to work on the sign I'm taking to homecoming. =) It looks so great!! I want one even more after playing with hers for the past two days. Not so good news for the hubby, haha!

I'm so ready for him to be home. It's so close, I can almost feel his arms around me. =) I got a phone call from him last night while I was at Annie's. He was so incredibly excited, which just makes me even more excited. It's so nice to hear him be so relaxed. He's been "on" for the last year. And now he can chill out and revel in the fact that he'll be home soon. I don't think we've had that relaxed of a conversation in quite a while. I can't wait to talk to him face to face...and just hang out with him.

For now, though, I need to work on the rest of that list...

And if I'm not really around for the rest of the week, that's why. =)


  1. Woo-hoo!!! I'm so excited that your homecoming is almost here!!!!

  2. Awww. :) :) I'm so happy and excited for you!!! :) But seriously, I've been trying to figure out "vertically challenged" for a couple of days now and I don't get it. What does that mean?

  3. I'm so excited for you! I've been following you forever since he deployed and I'm truly happy for you! You have held out so well despite his absence, you should be proud!

  4. Super cute clutch! I wish I could do something like that but I can't sew. Well, I can suture but that's different. Congratulations on 2% left!!!!

  5. Ahh! You are so close! So exciting! I definitely think you are having some smart thinking not going to the commissary on payday. I usually end up needing to go right around payday because I'm out of food. And every time, I get mad at myself for it! It's a madhouse. I love the clutch. You're so crafty.

  6. The Bradley Cooper & font download pic has me in stitches!! Thank you SOOO much for all of your help figuring it out!! I've had so much fun hanging out with you! :)