Musical Memories

Hey y'all! This week's link-up with Goodnight Moon once again comes at a fabulous time. You see, I attended the world's most boring and ridiculous Brigade meeting tonight and I don't even remember what I had planned to write about!! Thanks a lot, Army. =P That and when I came home from the meeting I decided to bake cookies because there was a chocolate emergency! And then I did boring stuff like the dishes and laundry. Yuck. Now I have to catch up on all the shows on my DVR! Such a tough life I live. ;-) Anywho... 

The song I'm choosing this week is one that Joe and I have loved for years. Yes, years. It came out in 2004, but apparently we still enjoyed it a few years later. =P We'd been dating for...I don't know, several months and Joe made me a CD. I didn't have an iPod then (sad days, I tell ya) so I was stuck with CDs. =P I want to say he made it for me (along with a super sweet little scrapbook) for my 21st birthday. Anyway, this was one of the songs on it.

Fast forward to us living in GA last year. It was around 2000 and I was taking him back to the barracks for the night. He started singing the lyrics to the song while I was putting my shoes and jacket on. So, of course I joined in...and a whole lot louder too. Then, he accused me of singing the wrong words to the song!!! What?! Cue "argument" about the correct lyrics. =P Lucky for us, he had put the lyrics to the song on  my iPod a while back. As we're arguing ourselves out to the car, he gets it set to play while we drive.

Would you like to know who won the argument? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. ;-) That's right. I, Sarah, won the argument of the lyrics!!! =P Ooooh, I gave him such a hard time about it. Mr. Smarty Pants. Haha. =)

Now that you've enjoyed that fun little story, here's the song. =) Ah, memories.

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Aloha! The week is almost over!!!

P.S. Don't forget Mother's Day is Sunday!!


  1. Such a good song! I always win lyrics arguments too :)

  2. great song!!! I love the killers! :)

  3. British bands FTW! :D
    New Follower, and in love with your layout miss lady!

  4. Good song...and funny story :) Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great song! I saw them in concert, love the killers!

  6. OMG! The Killers owned my entire Junior year in High School. I was obsessed. Great song, and cute little story!