This week has been not-so fun. What with AF hanging around, windstorms knocking out hubby's internet and being sick with some sort of nasty cold.... I haven't had much fun. In fact, I've looked a little like this all week:

Except that I've been on the couch and haven't needed those kleenexes. Yesterday after calling my mom, I called my doctor's office. I was still pretty ticked off at the acute care doctor's assessment and I felt awful. So, I called and talked to a nurse who put me on the triage call list. 2 hours later, I talked to another nurse who completely overreacted to the fact that I have asthma and that I wasn't using my inhaler every 4-6 hours. What can I say? I'm not the best patient and if I know it's not going to work, I'm not going to use it. Seriously, she told me to call 911 if I couldn't breathe. Hi, honey. I'm 24, I just told you I've had this since I was 10. I'm pretty sure I know how to handle this by now. Thanks. After all that, she got me an appointment with my doctor for today. I also found out (and this is going to be a newsflash to all of you) that I can call at like 0630 for same-day appointments. Oh, if I'd only known...

Yesterday around 3ish, my throat started getting better. I also did a breathing treatment because I was tired of feeling pressure in my chest. This morning, my throat was basically fine. A little scratchy but nothing near what it was the day before. Go figure, right? The day I actually get to see a good doctor and my symptoms magically disappear. Well, not all of them. My asthma is still giving me trouble. 

As per usual, I got to the clinic about 20 minutes early...and my nurse literally sat down in the waiting room and waited for me to finish checking in. I am never too early for this woman! After all the initial stuff (including her asking me for the third time if I have asthma...), I went in the room and waited. Doctor comes in and asks me what's going on... I give her the whole spill and she - wait for it - asked me questions about my medical history with asthma! *gasp* She's actually concerned! Then she listened to my lungs for more than 2 seconds. Of course, they sounded fine. Not surprising. This is normal for me. 90% of the time I have trouble breathing, I don't wheeze. Either I'm super awesome at catching things early or I'm weird. =P Anyway, she said that because of my migrating symptoms (one day sore throat, next day fine, but congested) I probably have a cold that set off my asthma. And instead of giving me a breathing treatment and sending me packing, she gave me an inhaled steroid to help open up my lungs and relieve the pressure I've been feeling. What do you know?! A real doctor!

Even just after that, I felt better. Knowing that she actually listened and that she wanted to help me made me feel better. She also scolded me for not using a spacer with my inhaler. Sorry! Honestly, I haven't used one of those since I was diagnosed 14 years ago! I guess pulmonologists (lung drs) now prefer that asthma patients use them. News to me! I haven't seen a pulmonary doctor in a few years. =P I love my doctor. =) And I will no longer be visiting the ACC if I can help it. Virus my a$$!

The only good thing that's really come from this week is all the reading I've been doing! My poor little Nook has been working overtime lately! I've had to charge it twice this week! Partially because I left the wifi on and partially because I've really just been reading that much. What can I say? Daytime TV sucks! I've finished 2 books this week and started a third. =) Oh, and Jasper has been very cuddly lately. Maybe he's ok with having a cuddly buddy during the day for a change. I'd much rather have my hubby here to cuddle with and to go get me goodies but Jasper's a fairly decent stand-in. ;-)

Not much longer!!!! =D


  1. I customized my donut of misery. The colors were driving me bonkers and also, I *hate* the little commentary thing on mine. Currently mine says, "You have a very, very long way to go." I just want to write : 'Like I didn't know that' next to it :)

    I hope you get to feeling better soon and I'm happy to hear you got a doctor that actually took interest in your symptoms! I miss having an actual hospital on post here where we live. You either go to Urgent Care where you sit around for 5 hours to be told you have pink eye (true story) or pray that there's an open appointment within 30 days. Yeah, no same day appointments here.

  2. We are asthma buddies! Not that I am happy for us that we have asthma but seriously.. same thing happens to me. Most times when my asthma is bad, I don't wheeze either. It's mostly swelling in my lungs and bronchial tube that make it hard for me to breathe.

    I'm glad that you are feeling better, it's hard to get doctors that understand what kind of affect that asthma can have on a simple cold.

  3. Glad you are feeling better and that you got to see a doctor who actually took you seriously! And for what its worth, why does a cold always have to coincide with AF?? Like you don't feel bad enough...

  4. Ah, being sick is the worst! Glad you go some good reading time in atleast ;)


  5. Being sick is NO fun! Woohoo for more green than red!