Random Hilarity

Do you ever just have those moments? You know the ones. You're going about your day and BAM! something incredibly funny happens, but you don't have anyone to share the laugh with. 

This has happened to me several times lately. At the beginning of this deployment, I might have been really upset when experiencing this. Now? I simply laugh out loud...no matter where I am. 

Fortunately for the general public, it rarely happens when I'm out and about. I could just imagine all the stares I would get if I were to bust out laughing - alone - in the middle of the PX, Commissary or WalMart. Scandalous! ;-)

Example #1:

I was walking back to my car after a brief stop at the PX a few weeks ago. It was the Saturday after payday, which means the parking lot was insanely full. I'm walking to the car, happy about my purchases and enjoying the pretty day when I hear a car alarm. This car alarm sounds vaguely familiar.

Then it hit me. A memory of listening to a little Dane Cook spoof...

I kid you not. This car alarm said, "Helloooooooooooo, I'm a carrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Gasoline makes me run. Back-seeeeats, truuunk space..." And yeah, I might have though, "Oh, Dane..." ;-)

Right there, in the middle of the parking lot, I died laughing. Joe and I absolutely love us some Dane Cook. I thought of all the "funnies" that would come from both of us after hearing that car alarm. Fantastic.

I'm sure the passers-by got a good kick out of seeing me bust out laughing...for no apparent reason. =P

Example #2:

Just happened to me. Here I am, sitting on my couch watching NCIS. Not expecting anything. 

Dude gets blown up while about to get in his car. Dude gets blown back by the force of the explosion. Normal day for NCIS. *Commercial break* DiNozzo and Duckie are at the crime scene making tons of jokes... Why? The guy was blown OUT of his shoes. Insert typical "knocked his socks off" and "blown away" jokes from the cast. 

What else but another Dane Cook spoof would come to mind?! Of course. It could only be Man Gets Hit by Car. =) Enjoy, my friends.

"Has anyone seen my shoes?! I kicked them off in a fit of joy!" 


Sometimes, you just need a good laugh! Please tell me I'm not the only one who busts out into laughter while by themselves...

Happy Hump Day!


  1. It happens to me all the time! You're definitely not alone in laugh out loud solo moments :)


    But my favorite is the B&E! lol!!! Hahhaha

  3. Sometimes I bust out laughing just thinking about somthing funny that recently happened! I must really look goofy then!

  4. This usually happens to me when I am supposed to be behaving! Like at church. Or a funeral. And when I start, I usually cannot stop! I'm sooo mature! lol

  5. Hahaha, I do the same exact thing. Whenever I'm walking down the toy aisle at Walmart or where ever and I see Monopoly I always think of Dane Cook's monopoly bit, and I start laughing.

  6. I loved the Car Alarm clip! Thanks for the morning laugh-out-loud!

    I hate when something funny happens and I want to tell my husband...only by the time we get a few minutes to Skype, the funniness has already worn off and it falls flat!

  7. Oh man-- I love Dane Cook. He's hilarious. In fact, I was out dancing on Saturday night and there literally was a group of girls dancing around a pile of their shoes. I thought it was hilarious and busted out (thank you, Dane). None of my friends knew what I was laughing about though!! Have you seen that one?? "I just want to dance!"

    ps-- "I kicked off my shoes in a fit of joy" is one of my favorite DC lines ever. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  8. You are def not the only one. D and I have this thing where we quote movies, and it is always at the most random times.. But I am always left one the floor laughing no matter where I am..

    We love DC too :)

  9. You are not the only one! I do stuff like that all the time!! It makes me laugh even harder when I notice the looks I am getting from people around me.

    Oh and I flippin Loooove Dane Cook!!

  10. Dane Cook is hilarious! M and I have watched him quite a few times and we are both rolling from laughter.

  11. haha I LOVE Dane Cook and often think of his stuff too at the most random times and burst out laughing!

  12. Good for you for just laughing out loud! And I LOVE Dane Cook...he is hilarious. I'll have to remember to look him up on YouTube the next time I need a good laugh. :)

  13. We LOVE Dane Cook! "Seat beeelts, radio knobs" Love it! Ha ha, "Kicked them off in a fit of joy!" We also love his "Christ Chex"

  14. This happens to me all the time!
    I love Dane Cook also, one of the first bits I heard from him was Christ Chex, "Lets have some yum yummmmmmssssss..... IIIII maaade snaaaaaackkkssss." The car alarm bit is hilarious too!