Blast From the Past

I kinda love it when these things happen. You see something or hear a song and BAM! you're back in the past. =) Well, not literally but you get the idea. Think flashback moment in a movie. I had this happen to me twice today. Funny, if you ask me.

Both of them happened while I was in the car. Now that I think about it, they happened within minutes of each other. Anyway. Flashback #1 came thanks to this lovely tune. ;-)

Haha. =) This song came out while I was in high school. I can remember driving to or from school (in my beat up car...) and cranking the radio when this song came on. Most of the time, my brother was with me and he had to endure my music. ;-) That's what little brothers are for, right!? I can also remember cranking this song in our band director's office. Either she bought the CD or one of the other kids in band brought it and put it in in her office. Ah, the good 'ole days.

Flashback #2 came courtesy of this:

 See that blue arrow? It's pointing to a hubcap. Totally, completely random, right? It made me laugh. I thought, "Who the heck loses a hubcap in the middle of an intersection!? *pause* Oh yeah, I do!!"

A few years ago, I had to get new tires. I took my car to good 'ole Walmart to get new ones. They have decent deals and my dad didn't disapprove. (Joe and I were dating, but well...he's not too handy with cars.) However, something had broken off of the wheel - well, not off but it was close to off. They claimed that they had nothing to do with it and that they wouldn't touch it because they didn't want to be liable. Hmmm. So, I called my dad. Dad manages a shop (owned by Goodyear, essentially) that repairs the tread for 18 wheelers' tires. He's been there for well over 20 years... The man knows tires. He called a sister shop in another town and made sure they had the size tires I needed, and told me to go on such-and-such day. I went. 

As always with car repairs, I feel awkward. It's always a bunch of men and little 'ole me. I don't like it. I did know one of the guys who worked there (We used to go to church with him. His kids were also in my wedding.), but he wasn't working on my car. About 30 uncomfortable minutes later, I had new tires. I paid my bill and left. I'm driving down the road, trying to figure out how to get back on the interstate... I made a left turn when I heard BING! I looked to the right and my hubcap was spinning off to the other side of the road!!!!!!!! Noooooooo! So, I made the turn, made a u-turn and attempted to find my hubcap... While I was talking to my mom, laughing and freaking out. After a good 10 minutes of searching the field for my hubcap, I gave up.

Seriously, who does this kind of crap happen to?! Only me... Lol! That car had 3 hubcaps until the day I wrecked it it died. Good times.

While we're on the topic of memories, a girl I went to HS with posted a picture on Facebook from Senior Skip Day. Where I grew up, this takes place during September on the Wednesday of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Fair. (I grew up on the border, remember?) Every year on Wednesday during the fair, students get in free. A TON of people skip school that day, but it's widely known as Senior Skip Day. Everyone gets counted as absent...except the seniors. (I think. Am I wrong on that, Melissa? It's been too long for me to remember. =P) Anyway, girl posted the picture. A couple of days ago another friend from HS commented, stating how he missed those days. Two other people commented, agreeing with him. And then it occurred to me. 

I do NOT miss high school. At all. I like my life NOW.

And then I kind of felt bad for my classmates. I mean, if they're missing "the good 'ole days" and thinking of how things use to be...how bad do their lives suck? Or are they just wishing things were as easy as they were then? If it's the latter, I agree. Things were definitely a lot simpler then. No bills, no responsibility other than homework, no boys (except those I flirted with, of course)...no nothing. I had homework. I was in band. That's pretty much it. I remember at one point... I think it was my freshman/sophomore year, my grandparents said, "I wish my only worry was that I couldn't get my locker open." Very much the teenage girl, I thought, "Oh if you only knew." Or something like that. How the tides have changed!

I do miss having it easy... But I LOVE my life. If I were to miss any time in my life, it might be college. Still...I like things the way they are. It's certainly not easy. I never pictured myself married to a Soldier, living in Hawaii - alone and surviving a deployment. But, it's all worth it. I love my husband. I wouldn't trade him - or our life together - for the world. I certainly wouldn't trade him for a trip back to high school!


  1. I don't miss high school at all either. I love life now.

  2. A lot of my husband's friends say that about high school... I kind of wonder if it's a small town thing (little suburb in Ohio)? Because most of them are still in the town he grew up, working dead-end jobs, renting crappy apartments... and high school was over 5-6yrs ago!

  3. I love the flashback moments. I usually have mine in traffic, too. It will either be a song, or I will see the same car that so-and-so used to have. Good times!

  4. i use to love that song. i hated high school, and don't miss it one bit. i love life now. it's so much easier for me.