Feels Like Home

Maybe it's because the Army is about to uproot us again, but more and more lately I've been feeling like this place is home. It's not where I grew up, and I never intended to live here. It just sort of happened. 

When we moved here, I was pretty set against buying a house. I didn't see the point, even if Joe would end up getting out after his enlistment period. He always talks about moving back to NC, so it really just didn't seem smart to me. For several reasons, one being I trust my husband's judgement, I decided to let go. On our second round of looking at houses, I fell in love. It wasn't perfect, but it had good potential, most of the things on my 'wish list', and a nice backyard. 

I still stinking love our porch.

This is about half of the backyard.

Though I haven't done a whole lot in the way of decorating in this house (thanks mostly to pregnancy exhaustion and chasing a toddler), I still have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head about what I really want this place to look like. Some things we've done, and others are yet to come. Getting Joe's shop built a few weeks ago helped get a lot of things out of the house, and we also sold some stuff and gave some furniture back to family. (We got a ton of furniture handed down from family when we got married. It was awesome, but we've either outgrown it (goodbye, full size bed) or simply decided to downsize our stuff.)

Joe in his half-finished shop.

I also really love where we live. We don't live in a subdivision, but I like our cozy little neighborhood. We're 5 minutes from everything we need (WalMart, Walgreens, CVS, McDonald's, Dominos, Bojangles...Mexican food....okay, any food) and 15 minutes from post. All my other favorite shops and restaurants are about 20 minutes away, as are our doctors. I know my way around, and have even found a few shortcuts. 

We've only been here a year and a half, but it feels like home. It feels like home, and I don't want to leave. We have a pretty good support system, a church we love, I really enjoy our PWOC, the girls and I have the best doctors, and this house doesn't just feel like a house. 

Maybe it's because we moved here with no intentions of leaving within 3 years. We planned on staying a while, so I let myself create a sense of home. Now that I have, the Army threatens to uproot us once again. And I find myself thinking all the time.... please don't make me leave.

Picnics in the backyard are our fave.


  1. Moving again?! Your house is super cute <3

  2. It really is hard to leave when you have put so many roots down. We didn't think we would be leaving El Paso so soon but the Army had other ideas and we were forced to sell our home. It's tough. Hugs friend!

  3. Can't believe you all are already hearing moving rumors!! Crazyness.. I totally wrote a post just like this the other day though.

  4. Loving your yard and play set! It stinks to move when it feels like home. Hope it all works out for you all.

  5. We'll be looking for orders over the next few months, and I can't decide if I want to move or not! I love the life we've built here lately, but I MISS the East Coast and family. Just giving this one up to God and the US Navy! :)