A Man Down

I'm popping in today to ask ya'll to say some prayers and send some good vibes our way. Today Joe is going in to have a procedure done on his foot. He's had a lot of pain from spurs over the last year (at least), and it's taken a lot for this to happen. It's sad to see the amount of hoops that have to be jumped through in order for one of our soldiers to be taken care of....but we're both glad that something is finally happening. 

It's a fairly minor procedure {shock therapy, interestingly enough}, although he does have to be put under anesthesia for it. The whole thing will last about 30 minutes. It's not surgery, but if this doesn't work that will be the next step. We're hoping he doesn't have to have surgery, because that could be a gamble. The chances of him needing to be medically discharged from the Army after having surgery are pretty significant. Although we know he won't be in the military forever, we don't necessarily want to be pushed out. ;-)

Anyway, please say some prayers for Joe today, and this weekend. We're told his pain level after the procedure might be pretty high, and he isn't allowed to do much for several days. {Which is why my in-laws will be here. Hooray for family being close and able to help!} We really want this procedure to work so that he can have some relief, and so that they can do the same procedure on his other foot in a couple months. 

Thanks in advance. I'm sure I'll have an update for you next week, along with photos of Charlotte's big-girl bed setup. Until then, you can always find me on IG and Twitter! 

Happy weekend, friends!