31 Days

This time last year, I decided to do a 31 Days series (inspired by The Nester) that focused on breastfeeding. I totally forgot this was coming up, but I've been needing a reason - for lack of a better word - to blog more frequently. While I'd love to do another breastfeeding series, I think that will have to wait. It made sense last year, since I was still breastfeeding Charlotte and all. This year, not so much. :) {Though I do have a post in mind about breastfeeding! Soon...}

This time I'm going to focus on things that I'm dealing with, learning, and trying to learn. I've got a lot going on right now, though it really may not seem like it. I'm pregnant with our rainbow baby, caring for a toddler, attempting to make new friends, trying desperately to focus on God and His plans for me, and trying to accept the fact that Joe will most likely deploy soon after Millie is born. There's fear, there's impatience, frustration...a whole gamut of emotions, probably magnified by those fantastic pregnancy hormones. 

So, for the next 30 days (since today's the 1st and all), I'm going to be sharing a lot about how I'm dealing with it all. This will probably be a lot of things that I feel like God has been beating me over the head with {figuratively, of course}. I've been wanting to share some of these things anyway, so this seems like the perfect time. 

I'm calling this series "Faith in the Dark" because, well, it's often hard to have faith when your future - even one not that far off - seems so uncertain. We can't know what's in store for us in days ahead, but we can have faith. 

I hope you'll join me in this series. I have a feeling it's going to be quite the adventure...

Get ready!

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