The Birthday That Wasn't

So, my birthday was last Tuesday. I was already kinda weirded out about turning 27 {the whole one year closer to 30 thing, I think}, and I really just wanted to have a good day. Some phone calls from family, some texts, maybe a card or two... You know. Instead, I got the worst birthday ever

I never thought I'd find something that beat the year I had my tonsils out the week before my birthday, the year one girl showed up to my party, my 16th birthday where I failed my driver's test, and my 20th which was in the midst of a rough breakup. Alas, it had to happen at some point. 

That morning, I woke up to a crying baby girl - not totally unusual, though it is rare for her to actually cry upon waking. As I took my sweet time peeling myself off my comfy bed, I couldn't imagine what was waiting for me.... The beginnings of a stomach virus. On the morning of my 27th birthday, I cleaned up vomit and a really gross diaper. As I was in the middle of cleaning up, I gave silent thanks that I was no longer in the I-feel-like-vomiting-all-the-time portion of pregnancy. 

Fortunately, she wasn't really sick the rest of the day - just very clingy and not wanting to eat. And really, who could blame her? We cuddled and watched cartoons all day. While not productive, it was definitely tiring for me. {I also changed far too many diapers that day... I'll spare you the details.} 

I had asked Joe a few times what he'd gotten me for my birthday and he swore that he got me nothing. I really thought he was kidding until after Charlotte was in bed that night. By this point, I'm tired and slightly hormonal. So obviously I cried. I mean... Birthdays aren't really the biggest deal. But life isn't all about me anymore. It's all about the baby (and soon to be, babies). So the fact that I got nothing more than a "happy birthday" from him was really upsetting. Especially factoring in all the grossness I had cleaned up on my birthday (because kids are nothing if not respectful of time... ;)), the fact that we hadn't done anything the weekend before, and it was my birthday and the middle of the week when nothing can ever get done because of the Army. So, cue all the tears. And of course the tears made him feel bad, so he promised we'd do something the following weekend. And the next day he brought me an I'm-sorry-I-was-dumb brownie and card. LOL

I washed bedding, clothes, and bunnies (thank God - and my mother - we have 2) throughout the rest of the week. The best part of this birthday week was that my sweet baby girl shared her virus with me! By Thursday, baby girl and I were taking naps together (at the same time, definitely not in the same bed since she has a tendency to be sick upon waking) and sharing popsicles. I'll spare you the grossness, but we spent the better part of the day in the bathroom. The worst part about me being sick was that Joe couldn't get off work (thanks, Army!) and I still had Charlotte to take care of. I don't think it gets much worse than that hearing your baby cry while you're busy....being sick...and unable to move even though you want to. *sigh*

The "just in case" bucket.
That's how you know it's bad.

My appetite didn't return until Sunday, and Charlotte was still sick. Needless to say my "weekend makeup birthday celebration" didn't happen. *sigh* I know she can't help it, though. Considering I've had the virus, I know she'd much rather go out with us than be sick. Anything is better than a stomach virus. Thankfully, I have recovered and Charlotte is feeling much better. She's not fully recovered yet, but I figure she'll be back to normal in another day or two. Hallelujah!

The extent of our weekend activities.

So far, 27 isn't looking all that hot. Maybe 28 will be better. Here's hoping...


  1. Awe what a terrible birthday week! My birthday is at the end of the month, so we'll probably be moving into our house or something else lame. :/

  2. :( I'm so sorry that you were sick on your birthday!

  3. Oh no, definitely NOT an idea 27th Birthday. When all of you recover, Joe owes you BIG TIME!!!

  4. Hope you're feeling better!

  5. I have so been there for bad birthdays. My hubby has been away thanks to the Army for my last two. But none of them compare to the year that he completely forgot my birthday! He still gets called out for that even though that was 4 years ago.

  6. You should probably use the next week or two to eat cake (stomach viruses make you lose weight- cake can help counteract that) and ice cream (can help soothe sore throats) and really make up for this missed celebration. In fact, I think I will help you celebrate from afar and eat some cake the next time I see some. Happy birthday! I'm sure 27 is going to be GREAT! :)

  7. Gah that sucks. We've shared the stomach flu a few times here over the winter and it is terrible... it's hard taking care of the baby when you have that! Lucky for me, I was the one who got it twice, while Penny had it the first time and Brandon the second.

  8. My birthday was the 15th but I was not sick. Lt and Little One were/are. I have received no such promises as you did... yet. ;-)

  9. This post made me so sad! I'm sorry for such a crappy birthday!

  10. I'm sorry to hear you were so sick on your birthday. Um... I hope he got you something more than that brownie for your birthday!