I Feel Kinda Crazy

I swear, almost everything irritates me lately. Something someone said in passing. Something I saw on FB. Something Joe did, but isn't unusual for him to do. Jasper's mere presence can send me into a frenzy if I let it. (I'm still not sure why.) I've even gotten slightly irritated at my bestie....which is just.....weird, and really sucky. 

My conclusion?

Pregnancy hormones make me crazy.

Unless you either lived close to me - or happened to be my bestie - while I was pregnant with Charlotte, you probably wouldn't know that Joe and I fought like crazy for at least the first trimester. At least. It was bizarre, to say the least. We pretty much always get along, even if we happen to disagree. So the fact that there were times when we actually yelled at each other was kinda scary. And because I was pregnant, there were also many, many tears involved. 

Fast forward to this pregnancy, and it's basically the same thing all over again. Although I think we were somewhat prepared for the crazy this time. It hasn't been nearly as bad. We've definitely argued - a couple times about some really ridiculous things - but not like it was with Charlotte. Thank goodness for that.

I've also come to the conclusion that I don't tolerate my mother well when I'm pregnant. She's a fairly irritating person when I'm not pregnant, so the hormones are not helping me there. She calls? I ignore it half the time. I respond to her texts an hour or more later. I just. can't. handle. it. Of course, when my phone log looks like this, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would ignore calls or delay responding:

My parents are planning on coming to visit in October, {who wants to take bets on whether or not they'll actually come?} and I am slightly terrified worried about what might happen. My grandparents want to come, too, which just adds to the stress. I mean....yeah, everyone come visit the girl who's 7-8 months pregnant and forget that it might actually stress her out! Good idea. I just can't believe my grandparents would even think about coming. They can't fly, and it's at least a 12 hour drive. Papa is on all kinds of meds, and oxygen. Nana fell and broke her pelvis in June. Yep, a 12 hour ride sounds like a fantastic idea! Ya'll better be saying some prayers for me if everyone comes to visit me this fall. {With the exception of my brother, who has no vacay time.}

Thankfully, the only one who hasn't irritated me {outside of anything normal} so far this pregnancy is Charlotte. Focusing on her is usually how I handle the crazy, so that's nice. LOL! And since I have officially entered the nesting phase of pregnancy, {woohoo!!!!} maybe I can start channeling the crazy into cleaning, organizing, and decorating. Lord knows this house needs it after me being a bum for most of the last 2 months. {The 1st trimester really kicks my butt. We're all lucky we survived, and had clean clothes.}

Anyone else feel like a lunatic during pregnancy? Please tell me I'm not alone!


  1. YES. Half the time I feel like I'm literally losing my mind and going crazy! Dylan thinks it's absolutely hilarious when I have my hysterical crying moments which does not help the situation! And usually my meltdowns are over something completely ridiculous but still. Thank you hormones!

  2. You are not alone. I was crazy too. I also would cry or no reason, just the tears would start flowing and I couldn't stop them. I think it's great you realize how you are acting and why. I'm sure that will help a little :) it's all worth it in the end :)

  3. I'm a crazy B when I PMS, so pregnancy was even worse! Randomly crying, fighting, angry...

  4. Yep, I dealt with it too! And actually, still sort of feel crazy with these postpartum (am I actually still allowed to claim that when Evie is already 10 months?!) hormones too. I LOVED being pregnant, but I did NOT like feeling like a crazy, mean wife and mama at times!!! Hang in there!!!

  5. Both of my pregnancies were polar opposites. With my oldest, I was moody, easily triggered, and didn't want anyone to look at, talk to or touch me. And that lasted quite awhile. With my second, I got weepy and emotional if my husband walked out the door to just smoke, not even leave, without kissing me "goodbye". I'm telling you, there seems to be no rhyme or reason with pregnancy hormones!!

  6. It's totally normal! I felt out of my mind nuts with baby number 2. :)

  7. I cry. A lot. Like, a ridiculous amount.

  8. That's just plain crazy they want to be in the car for 12 hours! I'm pretty for sure my real hip couldn't handle it!