Crunch Time

You guys... We move out of this house in 4 days. 

Four. Days.

Would you like to know what I've done so far to prepare?


Unless you count getting mostly caught up on laundry. That in and of itself is quite a feat these days. I've cleaned up catch-all areas like the table in the kitchen and the desk (for the most part, anyway). I organized under the bathroom sink so I could figure out what's getting packed up and what's going with me. I went through Charlotte's clothes.

My house still looks like a mess. 

Suitcases are empty.

There's a ton of food in the fridge. Though, thankfully, I was able to donate 2 grocery bags full of breastmilk I had stashed in the freezer. So glad to just see this (along with some food) in the freezer! And I'm also happy that I didn't throw all that milk away! I think I would've cried. 

I've made packing lists, so at least there's that. 

We also have one day after we move to come and clean everything, so I don't have to focus on that, too. I'm sure some cleaning will be done before the movers come, but the bulk of it will be done after the house is empty. It'll be easier that way. Though I have no idea what I'll do with Charlotte... I guess she'll chill out in the Ergo on my back if nothing else! Thank God for babywearing!

Though I'm completely ready to move, I'll admit that I'm a little sad to be leaving. Only a little

This is where I figured out life as an Army wife...or maybe just how to deal with it. This is where I survived our first deployment - a year long one at that. This is where I welcomed him home. This is where I was pregnant. This is where my sweet little baby bean was born. This is where I learned to be a mom. This is where friends became family because we don't have family close by.

I'm anxious about moving. I hate that we'll be homeless and carless for at least a month. I'm not thrilled about staying in a hotel while we're homeless, or sharing a room with Charlotte. {Nap times and bed times are going to be sooooo fun.} It'll be a little sad to say goodbye to this place, but - at least emotionally - I think I'm ready. 

Now if only I can get our stuff ready to move! Wish me luck! ;-)


  1. You can do it! :) It will all come together like it's supposed to.

  2. We're doing this in 2 months. I feel your anxiety!

    Kristin :)

  3. You can do it!! We are prepping to move in 3 months (about 1 month after I have baby #2 yikes!) so I feel your stress :) But you will survive - you have made it through so much already, this will be a cakewalk for you :)

  4. I have all the faith in the world that you will be able to get it all done. Try to enjoy your last few days there while you can. Safe travels!

  5. GOOD LUCK!! It will all work out :) Moving is always bitter sweet.

  6. You can do it! Don't worry about super cleaning the house (seriously Brandon spent hours in the tub and they hardly looked at it). You're almost there!

  7. Moving always brings about anxiety. I hope it is a smooth one for you!

  8. It's always bittersweet leaving. What great memories you've made there! I'm sure you'll get everything done you absolutely need to. You can do it! Can't wait to see your first post from the mainland!

  9. We ETSed about 6 months ago now and were homeless for roughly a 6 weeks. 3 of those were spent in a hotel room with 3 kids (4yr, 2yr, and 3mo). It got hairy at times and I was thrilled when it was over and we were able to stay with family. But we also got some great family time in and made some good memories of our last days in the place where all 3 of my kids were born (I know crazy that we actually spend 5 yrs and both deployments at one base). You can do this!

  10. Good luck! It'll all come together! One day at a time. :)

  11. Packing and moving are so much work. If military wives got paid for every box we packed, we'd all be millionaires. Or at least thousandaires. ;) Hope Charlotte cooperates while you're trying to clean and finish up!

  12. We'll be there in about a month. Definitely not looking forward to it with two kids. I keep making lists and planning without actually doing. I'm sure it'll all fall into place though. It'll be much easier for you to clean once everything is out of the way. Good luck!