Thursday Things

Hello, all! I hope you're prepared for a super-random blog post! I can't think of one topic to write about, so I'm just going to go with the usual jumble of thoughts that most of you usually like. ;-) Thank goodness, too, because it tends to happen a lot!

First, I want to mention that my friend Katie is having a really fun, girly giveaway on her blog. It must be the week of giveaways because I'm pretty sure JG is about to start one too!! And since we're on the topic, don't forget to enter my awesome Chick Lit Giveaway!

Earlier today, the same Katie posted about this really cool app on her blog. It's called Instagram and basically, it makes your photos look cool and retro. I downloaded it onto my iPhone about 5 minutes after I read her post. I've seen someone else on Twitter use it, and I really was curious. Aaaand I've pretty much been taking photos - or editing photos I already had on my phone - all day. Seriously. What? You want proof? Ok. ;-)

I took this one yesterday when I turned down my street.
#1 reason I love Hawaii: Rainbows.


I miss him...a lot.

Goofing off in the archival collection today at the museum. =P
I was back there alone with tons of artifacts.
So I took a picture. Sue me.

My medicine cabinet.
98% of that stuff is just for me.
I don't take all of it every day, but still.
*sigh* Welcome to my life.

You just gotta love that cute face!! =D

Yeah, I've been playing with pictures all day. These aren't even all of the ones that I've done either. I think I have a new obsession.


I was strangely productive when I got home from the museum today. Usually, I take Jasper to go get the mail, come in, grab a snack and park it in front of the TV until dinner. Today? I let Jasper out (it was raining so I didn't walk to the mailbox), checked my email, mixed up a cookie mix, put cookies in the oven, did dishes while the cookies were baking, put in batch #2 of cookies and cleaned up the living room. Then I parked it in front of the couch. Odd. I kinda liked it though! I felt very accomplished afterward. I don't know how I'll do it, but I'd be ok if that would happen every day. Oh, and the cookies are for Joe. =) I have to get a package off to him soon!


Speaking of Joe and mail... I officially have a mail cut-off date!!! Eeep! I'm actually surprised that it's like 2 months before they should come home. For some reason, I assumed (yeah, yeah, yeah) that it would be like 30 days before... Shows what I know. =P But, that's just one more thing to check off on the deployment list!! I am SO ready for this deployment to be over with. I'm not sad or depressed, I'm just really ready for my husband to be home. It's kind of...irritating at this point. Like it's so close, but I just can't touch it yet. You know? I'm just thankful that tomorrow is the start of another month, and I'm one more day closer to seeing my hubby. 

I just couldn't help it. ;-)


Did anyone watch the Grey's Anatomy music event???? Oh my gosh. Bad, bad, bad. I almost died laughing when Owen started to sing. I mean, really!? Really?! And Meredith... Don't we all know that she can't sing by now?! I think the only two people on the show who are any kind of good are Bailey and Callie. Yikes. I posted this on Twitter, but I'll say it again. At least on Glee when someone busts out into song they turn it into some sort of music video thing. I felt awkward when one of them would start singing and the other actors would just sort of look at them. Not cool. I think I'd live a happy life if that never, ever happened again. Oh, and I totally loved what Alex said about the hospital: "Seattle Grace Mercy Death." Haha. =) That's bad, I know, but...it's Alex. What do you expect?


While we're on TV related things, I really wish people would stop spoiling things for me. Before I even watched AI tonight I knew who got voted out. How? My mom and Twitter. I suppose it's my fault for who I follow on Twitter (AI and Ryan Seacrest), but can people really not avoid saying "I'm so glad ___ is gone"?! And my mom! I specifically told her not to tell me/let me find out who got sent home! Aaah! I am so getting on to her tomorrow. =P

I suppose it's not all bad, though. My stupid DVR was being ridiculous tonight. Right during the middle of AI, it mysteriously turned off. The remote wasn't in my hand, the power didn't go out - nothing. I turned it on...nothing. I unplugged it, plugged it back in... I got the start up screen and it wouldn't get farther. So I tried it again. By the 4th time (maybe, I lost count), I unplugged, re-plugged and went to my bedroom. It was almost 8 and I was not going to miss Grey's. Luckily, it came on during the first commercial break... I don't know what the deal is with it though. Almost every other day it randomly decides to not record half of a one hour show I've set to record... That really does happen a lot. I recorded a Harry Potter movie, went to watch it and saw that it recorded like 50 minutes of it. Seriously?! After tonight, I'm seriously considering calling Time Warner and requesting a new box. This is NOT what I'm paying for. *sigh*


I started the Bible study I talked about a few days ago. I'm only on day 3 (which I will do right after I'm done here), but it's going really well! I'm already learning how much my thoughts really do affect me, and how I need to rely on God so much more than I do now. The author talks about a "thought closet" and how we wear the thoughts we keep in there. Once you think about it, it really makes sense. Like, if you grew up with people telling you that you're stupid or you'll never amount to anything...you believe it, you think it and then you actually live up to that. So, basically, my closet needs a makeover. I don't know any girl that wouldn't be okay with a closet makeover. Though, this one will probably more difficult than an episode of What Not to Wear. =) I'm planning on doing a bigger, more in-depth update on Saturday for those of you who want to go on this journey with me. If you really are wanting to do the study along with me, please feel free to shoot me an email so we can talk about it! I'd love to know your thoughts about it and how you're doing.


Tomorrow, I think I'm going to go buy Zumba for Wii. =) I've really been wanting to try it, but I'd really prefer to not look like a complete dork in front of 20 other people! Plus, I always feel like it's easier for me to just do things at home rather than driving to the gym.  Though I will say that I miss the Pilates classes. Sadly, the instructor PCSed and they didn't have anyone to replace her. *sigh* I still have the videos I can do at home, but it's really just not the same. Anyway, I heard from a couple people who said that the game was really great so I think I'm going to get it and try it out. I need to do way more cardio than I'm doing now. (Which, at the moment is exactly none.

Hope y'all are having a great week! Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already! 


  1. My DVR has been acting funky lately too. I think it might have something to do with their new programming features, but it's super irritating because it's cutting my shows off at odd times.

    Let me know how you like the Wii Zumba. The 45 minute workouts on there have a lot of moves similar to the moves in the classes offered on post. If you ever want to go, I go to every class...we could shake it together :)

  2. The end of the deployment is rough because you can finally start making plans that involve him, but yet it still seems so far away. Once you get to about one month, people start saying "that's not long!". It started to drive me craaaaaaaaazy because yes, compared to a year, it's not...but a month is still a long time to be without your hubby. Oh...and with the mail cutoff...for my husband they actually cut off his mail earlier than the date they told all of us. He never got my last package, but then several months after he got home, it found him at his base.

  3. I LOVE the instagram app. It is one of my favorites. I also downloaded ShakeItPhoto and Pocketbooth. I think they're both like $.99, but SO fun!

    I HATED Greys last night. I was extremely disappointed!

    Have a good weekend

  4. I downloaded a couple of cute photo apps to my phone, but I don't use them that much. I really should. I mean, they're phone pics, not professional shots! Have fun with them. But I have such a hard time doing that.

  5. LOVE your earrings in that museum photo! where did you get them? Pretty!

  6. I'm planning on getting Zumba for our Wii after Jonah is born. So let me know how your like it! :)

  7. Thanks for the promo! :) The grey's ep was WEIRD. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they could all sing really well, but it was so awkward. Esp that scene when callie comes in and they're frantically trying to help her but SINGING!! I don't know whose bright idea that was...

  8. i honestly almost bought the iphone *just* to get instagram...i love the hip dreamy pictures it takes! i'll look for your take on wii zumba...i also can't bring myself to shake it in front of 20 other people, but the class looks so *fun*! hopefully the game is too. :)

  9. That is exciting that you're close to homecoming. I love the picture of your dog that is too cute! I'll be curious what you think of the Wii Zumba I've heard good things.

  10. Wii Zumba is super fun! I also agree with Annie, come on out to a class! They are really fun, and the moves are easy to pick up =) I've watched a couple of new episodes of Greys, but I neeeed to catch up!!!

  11. I love those earrings you've got on! I had to stop following Ryan because he was just tweeting ALL the time and giving things away that i hadn't watched yet!