Panic or Retail Therapy?

Definitely retail therapy. =) Well, that's what I did yesterday anyway. Of course I had been planning to go anyway, but... Shopping was definitely better than what I would have been doing otherwise: sitting in front of my TV with my laptop, glued to the news and re-tweeting every shutdown tweet there was. =P

Before the shopping happened, I had to go to the DMV though. Sad day. Unfortunately I hadn't realized that, um, our tags expired in March. Yeah, like last month. Shoot, they even sent me the registration. I think what was throwing me off, though, is the fact that our safety inspection (yeah, HI still does that) isn't due until June. You see, last year before we moved I renewed our NC...in March. So when we got here and finally switched our tags, the lady just charged us $5 for a new March sticker instead of making us pay for June registration. Which was awesome. At the time. All this time I've been thinking that Joe could take care of it when he got back. So I finally looked at our tags several days ago and whaddaya know!? Expired. Luckily I never got pulled over. =P

Wednesday I had the pleasure of traipsing all over one of the quads in order to get the lovely non-resident form. This handy little form - which has to be signed by an E6 or above - allows us to pay $20.50 for our tags instead of $257. Extortion much? So you can see why I gladly walked all over the place, probably looking very strange in the sea of digi camo. And when I finally got to where I was going, I'm pretty sure I had "LOST" written on my forehead. I was approached by a very gracious E6 who helped me find my way and get the form. Oh, best part? His last name was Sherwood. (If you watch Army Wives, you'll get that reference.)

Anyways, I ended up spending a very trying 45 minutes at the DMV. A female soldier thought it was a great idea to bring her 2 year old to the DMV. Then, said soldier talks to her mom on the phone...lets her daughter talk to her...and then takes the phone away. Do you know what happens when you take things from 2 year olds? Meltdown, USA. For the next 20ish minutes, that child did nothing but scream, cry and whine. I wish I was kidding. I get that kids have bad days, but that child was just being obnoxious. Fortunately, she didn't hang around long and I was able to get in and out of there quickly.

Then I met up with Mrs. C to do some shopping! We hit up Old Navy first. Oh. My. Word. That place was a gold mine! I usually love Old Navy anyway, but especially yesterday. They were having like mega clearance. Their clearance items were half off the red sticker. Praise the Lord! Mrs. C and I went into the fitting rooms twice. Each time our arms were full of clothes to try on. Good times. =) As always, we had to ditch a few things before we headed to the checkout line. I ended up with 4 shirts (wayyy over half off) and 2 pairs of shorts. Go me!


This one might be my favorite. =)

Clearly I have a thing for rosettes.

These shorts are just the perfect length!
I'm of the longer shorts persuasion.

Then we walked over to Charlotte Russe where I ended up trying on about 4 dresses. =P As if I hadn't already spent enough money! Bad things happen when I get the urge to shop. Well, bad things happen to our bank account. ;-) And, better news, I'm pretty sure I found the dress I'm going to wear to homecoming! Yeah, it's a little far in advance but I just couldn't help it. It's cute...not too dressy, not too casual, which I think really works for Hawaii. I wish I could show you a picture! I am not allowed since Joe wants to be surprised and there's always a chance he'll read my blog and see it. I can, however, give you a little bit of a teaser. 

Hehe. =) I had a great time shopping and catching up with Mrs. C yesterday. It was nice to get out and about. After I learned that the commissary was going to be open even if the government did shut down, I decided not to get groceries. I did need gas, though. You would have thought doomsday was coming! I didn't have to wait in line too long, but the line after me was gigantic!! 

I'm glad that they finally came to an agreement. It's really disgusting that the Democrats would hold military pay hostage just because they wanted funding for Planned Parenthood. Absolutely disgusting. I always knew that the liberals weren't big military supporters, but after that I think we all know who supports the military and who doesn't. Anyway.

I hope y'all are having a great weekend!


  1. I love retail thearpy!!! So I am your newest follower, check me out at www.armytankerswife.com

  2. Love the purple top!! Oh and I completely agree with you about the disgusting behavior of our country's politicians.

  3. Cute finds! I'm not much of s dress person but Charlotte russe has many great ones this season.

  4. Ahhh... love retail therapy! I love old navy, they usually always have good deals! You did good, they look so cute! :)

  5. My bank account always takes a hit when Im in need of therapy LOL

    love the shirts and I too am a longer shorts kind of girl. :)

  6. Just to let you know, I'm a democrat and I am not pleased with the lack of military funding. It's sad.

  7. I love Old Navy clearance!! It's been ages since I've been shopping for me... oh wait, I did do a little at Christmas... *sigh* you picked up some super cute stuff! love the shorts too - I can't wear short-shorts anymore... like, not since high school ;)

    Ugh. Politicians.