Love of My Life

Today is January 13th.
(Hey, I live in Hawaii and it's still the 13th here. Work with me on this, ok?)
It's not a day that very many people recognize as important or life-altering. Exactly 26 years ago, something amazing happened to me...and I wasn't even born yet.

How can that be? That doesn't make much sense, Sarah. 

Don't worry, I'll explain in just a few lines. =) 26 years ago today, I was barely a thought in my own mother's mind and heart. Even then, God started planning out my life. He already knew me. He knew that I'd have red hair and blue eyes; that I'd be born in merry 'ole London. He knew all the things I would experience in my life, and when I would claim His Son as my Savior. He knew the person I would be in elementary, middle and high school. He knew the things I would face in the almost-real world of college. He knew the people I would meet, the classes I would take.

That's why, 26 years ago today, this guy was born. For me.

God knew when and how we would meet, and that it would be at a very...pivotal point in my life. He knew that it would take me a while to warm up to this super sweet Christian guy, but that I would eventually give my heart to him.

God knew the day and time he would propose to me.

God even knew the day we'd get married.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my husband, my hero and the love of my life. 

I love you, sweetheart! Stay safe and come home soon!


  1. Such a wonderfully sweet post. Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby!! My birthday was just yesterday, seems sooo many bdays are in January!

  3. This was such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your hunnie!

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby! We share a birthday (although I am a few years older ;0)) Your post was so thoughtful!

  5. Awww, what a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  6. such a sweet posting. your husband is very lucky to have you, and vice versa!