Woes of Moving

The movers come, you know, tomorrow and here I am writing up a blog post instead of doing one of the many more productive things I should be doing. But that's the problem. There's so many things I could - and should - be doing, that I just really can't do anything. 

I'm trying, but I just can't quite wrap my brain around the chaos that will ensue tomorrow morning. Boxes. Paper. Loud tape machines. House full of strangers, touching my things. A truck that will encase all of our belongings. 

This will be our 4th PCS and I still can't get used to the idea. Of course, it's different now that we have kids. Isn't everything? It's not just the fact that people will be in our house packing our things. It's that I have to take care of the kids, too. I have to be 'hall monitor' and mommy. Like, what am I going to do about naps? And snacks? And lunch? Toys? TV? How do I contain the children?! It's just one day, and I know we'll make it through, but the logistics of it all is making my brain hurt. {Not to mention AF decided to show up this week so I have all the hormones raging, too.}

We also have to worry/think about the house we're leaving, too. We bought this house shortly after moving here, and now we're faced with renting it. No one has signed a lease yet. We're hoping someone will sign one soon and we'll have less to worry about, but there's nothing like having a mortgage payment and rent hanging over your head. Not to mention utilities. 

Then there's the fact that I'm really not looking forward to moving to a new place, not really. I really, really, really like living here. Despite the trouble I've had making friends, we did find a really great church less than 5 minutes from our house and I would love to be more involved. Everything I need store-wise is less than a half-hour away from me. The town we live in is small, and yet we have access to everything we need and more. We have pretty great medical care here, which can be very hard to find. 

And if I let myself think about it long enough, it makes me sad to leave this place. I don't want to go. I want to stay here in this house that is mine, and fix it up exactly the way I want it. (I had so many plans that I didn't get to do!) I'll miss the large backyard, privacy fence, and the porch. I'll miss being close to so many things, yet far enough away from the bustle of town. But most of all, I think I'll miss this house the most because it's our house, and because we became a family of four here. 

There is a small possibility we could move back in the future but until then, I'll hang on to all the great memories we made here.


  1. Wishing you lots and lots and lots of good luck tomorrow. I wish I had some answers on how you could entertain and deal with the kids, but that whole paragraph gave me anxiety (because HOW DO YOU DO IT?????). I mean, the naps? How will they nap? Oh dear. Praying you'll find some answers tomorrow. Also hoping your new town will be just as lovely if not better than where you are now...and that you quickly fall in love with your new place, oh, and that renters rent your house ASAP. Thinking of you!

  2. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly tomorrow! This last PCS was extremely stressful for us because we also owned a home, we were able to sell it before we left but not before taking a ridiculous loss on it. Hugs friend, it will all be okay!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I hope it goes smoothly. PCSing is tough. Especially with kids.

  4. Yeah, I totally procrastinated with the last move. I was ready to move but not ready to do anything pertaining to moving. And now I'm forced to unpack.

  5. Best of luck with the move! Everything you mentioned is exactly how I felt when we moved away from Fort Stewart. I hope everything goes smoothly and you love where you end up next!