Crazy Awesome

At the end of last month, I decided to become a Jamberry consultant. After a friend had given me a sheet of wraps a few months before, I was hooked. Every time I wore them someone commented on them. After having 2 people ask me about them in one weekend, I seriously began to consider signing up. I had just opened my Etsy shop, so I wasn't sure I wanted to take on something else. After talking to my bestie about it for a while, and praying about it, I finally decided to sign up. 

I spent the first few days after getting that email completely overwhelmed - excited, but overwhelmed. I started on some training, watched videos, and started a FB page. I created my launch party on FB and totally stressed out about it. LOL! But then I got my starter kit in the mail...and I got excited again. Haha!

A few times over the past week or so, I've felt like I was crazy for doing this. How would I have time? Would it work? Would I be able to sell? Would I be able to balance it with taking care of the house and the girls? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

On my birthday, Wednesday, I had my launch party on FB. I was a bit of a wreck right before it started. But once people logged on and started asking questions, OMG it was so much fun! Before I knew it half an hour had passed and I had a few friends excited about trying Jamberry nails. It was amazing! I could hardly get to bed before midnight because I was on such a high from the party. I know that sounds crazy. It felt crazy! 

Even crazier was waking up to an email the next morning informing me that I had my very first team member! Someone had signed up to become a Jamberry consultant under me! All because of what I had posted - just on social media! It's crazy, you guys. Crazy. 

I also have my first non-launch party scheduled in a week and a half. I can't even tell you guys how awesome this is for me. I'm enjoying it so much more than I ever thought I would. I've already exceeded the goals I'd set for myself, which has pushed me to set higher goals. It's so amazing! And speaking of parties, I have an opening for next week (Thursday) if you'd like to book a party. Please let me know!! I would love to do one again - they are tons of fun! 

What's even more amazing is that I know this isn't me. I've tried direct sales before, and it just didn't work. I don't know if it wasn't the right time, or if I just wasn't supposed to do it then, but it's different with this. I really feel like my Jamberry business is taking off because God wants me to do this. I know that I wouldn't have exceeded my goals if He hadn't had a hand in things! I stepped out of my comfort zone to do this, and He's doing more than I expected. This just makes it all the more exciting for me. 

And having pretty nails that don't chip is a very nice perk...don't you think?! =)

Happy Friday, friends! Make it a good one!


  1. Yay! Congrats, Sarah! I am contemplating taking this leap, too. Currently hosting a FB party, and my consultant has been extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. With a full-time job, baby #3 on the way and the blog... I'm nervous about making the time to meet my sales goals -- plus, jamberry doesn't work perfectly on my nails. I am that rare person who has issues with them, but I still love them and still think I could sell them while being honest about my own experience. Praying this venture is a huge blessing for you, your family...... and for me too once I decide to take that leap!!!

    1. You're not alone! They don't work right on my fingers either! I wish they did because there are some cute patterns. :)

  2. It's great that things have started off so well. Here's hoping they continue like that!

  3. Isn't it exciting?! That's how I feel with It Works!

  4. Gah! I'm so far behind on blogs, Jamberry kind of took over 😉. I always feel that rush after a party and I love it!