The Final Wednesday Walkabout

We have officially been doing this Walkabout for 1 year now. Crazy, right?! I really don't feel like it's been a year... But then I also don't feel like my baby should be closing in on 17 months, or that I'll have another little girl in just a few months. So maybe I have a problem with time perception? ;-) Anyway, it's been a great year of linking, reading, finding new blogs and friends. I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as we have!

We did a little "goodbye gift" giveaway, and today we're announcing the winner! Congratulations, Elena!!

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Thanks again to all of you for linking up and hanging out with us for the past year. Hope to see at least some of you around here again! :)


Welcome to the Wednesday Walkabout! Thank you so much for hanging out with us, linking up, and reading new blogs. 

A little info about the Walkabout:

This is a weekly linky party with myself and 3 other co-hosts. The idea? Just put your URL in the linky (it can be a specific post or your "homepage"- whichever you prefer), visit a few other blogs, and possibly make some new friends. Easy peasy, right?!

Oh, and you only have to link up with ONE of the co-hosts. =) 

There are just a few quick rules we've set for the linky party...

1. Please follow at least ONE hostess, and let us know you're a new follower and how you follow!

Sarah - G.I. Joe's Wife (That's me!)
Chantal - Scattered Seashells 
Jane - Poppiness 
2. Try to visit 3-4 blogs that interest you. Take some time and let them know where you came from.

3. Grab the button from my sidebar and spread the word! (Not required, but just cool if you do.) The more, the merrier.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy blog-hopping!


  1. Have loved the walkabout, even when I couldn't participate all the time. How did PWOC go last night?!?!?